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In 2023, temperatures are projected to reach a new high, potentially making it another year of record-breaking heat.

– This year is on track to become the hottest year on record surface temperature increasing by

Since the average surface temperature has been rising worldwide,  temperature to date this year 0.52 degrees Celsius high

According to the Copernicus Climate Change Service of the European Union, the temperature is higher than the usual average.

The global temperature 

The temperature from January to September is 1.4 degrees Celsius. higher than the preindustrial average (from the year temperatures to record highs

Between the years 1850 and 1900, the institute stated that global temperatures are reaching record highs due to the effects of climate change. temperatures to new record fluctuations in daily

Changes in seasons and immediate weather conditions also impact the variability of daily occurrences. temperature movements.


The previous month experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded for September. record 

On a global scale, the average temperature has increased by 0.93 degrees Celsius. temperature  mean

From 1991 to 2020, for the same month, and the global average. temperature 

The warmest month of the year was unusually warm compared to other months. year 

The ERA5 dataset includes data from as early as 1940.

year of the La Nina climate pattern

Experts have stated that the combination of climate change and the appearance of the La Nina weather phenomenon this year
 year  hurricanes

Recent hurricanes have been intensified by the El Nino, a climatic phenomenon that causes an increase in temperature of the surface waters in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean. recordbreaking temperatures.

“The unprecedented temperatures for the time of year  trend

Noted in September – in accordance with a pattern. record summer – have broken record to

This exceptional month has resulted in a significant increase. It has been a record-breaking month. 2023  the

receiving end of the not-so-prestigious award for being in first place track 

to have the highest temperature year 

The temperature is approximately 1.4 degrees Celsius higher than the average before industrialization. temperature

“The statement was made by Samantha Burgess, Deputy Director of Copernicus,” said Burgess.

As we approach COP28, the need for ambitious climate action is growing more urgent than ever before, according to her statement about the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Last year was not a record year

Even though the Earth’s temperature was 1.2 degrees Celsius higher than before the Industrial Revolution, the year before was even warmer. record 

during the years 2016 and 2020 temperature

The average temperature was 1.25 degrees Celsius. higher.

temperature is

The typical temperature of the ocean’s surface is temperature 

The average temperature for the month of September between 60°S and 60°N was recorded as 20.92°C. highest on record  day

on the second day of September highest across all months, behind August 2023, Copernicus said.

The body’s evaluation relies on numerous readings from satellites, ships, aircraft, and weather stations.

record low

The amount of sea ice in the Antarctic Ocean stayed unusually low, breaking previous records. record low level for the time of year

According to Reuters, the extent of Arctic Sea ice is currently 18% lower than the average.