Wednesday, April 17, 2024


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Australia plans to take strong action against the widespread misuse of its immigration system.

Australia announced on Thursday that it will tackle major instances of exploitation within its visa system, with the aim of combatting human trafficking and other types of organized crime.

The government plans to create a new department within the Department of Home Affairs to combat misuse of the visa and migration system. This initiative will receive A$50 million ($31.48 million) in funding.

In a report published in January, ex-police commissioner Christine Nixon brought attention to instances of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and organized crime within the immigration system.

According to Immigration Minister Andrew Giles, the Nixon Review has uncovered substantial mistreatment and exploitation within Australia’s visa system.

“By once again placing emphasis on maintaining integrity in our immigration process, we are able to safeguard vulnerable communities from being taken advantage of and create a more equitable visa system for all.”

Australia, which has historically relied on immigration to meet its labor needs, is now facing one of the most competitive job markets globally. In response, the country is considering making changes to its system in order to expedite the process for skilled workers to enter and ultimately obtain permanent residency.

In April, the government announced plans to streamline and simplify the visa process for skilled workers and to implement measures to encourage international students to stay in the country.