Friday, September 22, 2023


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A primary school teacher was stopped by police while driving her small Chevrolet with 25 children inside.

Twenty-five elementary school students are taken out of their teacher’s vehicle following a traffic stop.

The unnamed woman was stopped in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan in a Chevrolet Spark car, the smallest car in the Chevrolet range.

A teacher driving a Chevrolet Spark was stopped by the police for having 25 children in the car.

The Road Safety Service’s footage displayed three children sitting in the trunk, six in the front seat, and the remaining 16 squeezed into any available space in the back seats.

The original intention for the car’s design was for it to accommodate four passengers only.

The teacher regularly used this chaotic clown car situation to transport her students home, according to her.

She received a punishment for reckless driving from a government council in Uzbekistan, but the ruling has not been announced yet.

The woman has received a sentence of unknown length for endangering the children.

Six kids were seated in the front seat, while others were discovered in the trunk.