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A financial expert from the Chinese central bank suggests implementing changes to boost the economy.

 – China  alternative measures

The available options for monetary policy easing are restricted, therefore it is necessary to explore alternative measures. structural reforms  improve the economy

Instead of relying on macroeconomic policies to boost the economy, it is more productive to support and inspire entrepreneurs. revive , and

expansion, a monetary authority, and adviser said on Sunday.

China’s Monetary Policy Committee, stated that “the

According to Liu Shijin, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the People’s Bank of China, he mentioned that “the  China

At a financial conference in Shanghai, a member of the People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) monetary policy committee stated that Beijing’s ability to implement looser monetary policies is restricted due to the growing gap in interest rates between China and the US.

According to the speaker at the annual Bund Summit conference, Chinese governments at different levels are experiencing financial strain.

“If China 

Liu, vice president of the Development Research Center of the State Council, expressed concerns about the potential side effects of continually prioritizing macro policies in attempts to stabilize growth.

everyone to participate in the decision-making process.”

“We will once again miss the chance for universal involvement in the decision-making process.” structural reforms.”

China government is now facing pressure to ramp up stimulus

The economic recovery after COVID has slowed down due to low consumer spending, declining exports, and a growing crisis in property debt. The government is under pressure to increase stimulus efforts. economy 

Despite a variety of monetary and fiscal efforts to increase confidence, there is still difficulty being faced.

On Sunday, Mr. Liu suggested a fresh cycle of
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At once, simultaneously stimulating lasting advancement.

They include demand-side reforms  structural reform

The main goal is to provide migrant workers with the same access to public services as those who live in the city, while also implementing structural changes to the supply side. reforms 

He mentioned activities that promote the growth of entrepreneurship in developing sectors.

China expand its role in the economy

The leading organization for economic planning in China recently declared its intention to establish a fresh division aimed at providing support to private companies. This move reflects Beijing’s efforts to increase its involvement in the economy.

Investor trust has been damaged due to government crackdowns on various industries, including the internet and private tutoring.


Reuters suggests that private businesses’ status should be acknowledged more clearly, both from an ideological and political standpoint.