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When will iPadOS 17 be released? What are its features and what devices is it compatible with?

ipad os 17

Credit: Apple

The release of Android 14 is imminent, but it’s not the only mobile operating system on the horizon. Followers of Apple’s iPad will be pleased to hear that iPadOS 17 has arrived, bringing with it familiar features from iOS 17 as well as some specific adjustments for tablets. Let’s delve into the naming method, functions, and other details of iPadOS.

iPadOS 17: Quick Overview

  • When will it be released? The 17th version of Apple’s iPadOS was released on September 18th.

  • What’s new?
    • iPadOS 17 introduces updated widgets, wallpapers, and other features for the lock screen.

    • Additional interactive widgets will be introduced in iPadOS 17.

    • Audio or video messages for Facetime when the person doesn’t answer.
    • The stage manager is implementing enhancements that allow for movement and resizing of windows.

    • Apple is adding new apps to the iPadOS including the iPhone’s Health app and the upcoming Journal app.

The launch date and title of iPadOS 17.

  • iPadOS 16: October 24, 2022
  • iPadOS 15: September 20, 2021
  • iPadOS 14: September 16, 2020
  • iPadOS 13: September 24, 2019

During Apple’s recent Wonderlust event, it was announced that iPadOS 17 will be released on September 18, 2023, along with iOS 17. The stable version of iPadOS 17 is now officially released, as promised.