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Ways to play around with Snapchat’s AI (It’s highly entertaining!)

Snapchat My AI on an iPhone 14 Pro

Snapchat launched a new feature called My AI bot earlier this year, which allows users to ask questions, complete basic tasks, and more. However, it is not as advanced as ChatGPT and has certain limitations and security measures put in place by Snapchat. Despite this, it can still be entertaining to play around with the bot and try to trip it up or get amusing responses. Here are some ideas and suggestions for messing with Snapchat AI.

How to tamper with Snapchat’s artificial intelligence.

There are numerous methods to play with the artificial intelligence of Snapchat. Although it may not always be fooled by your efforts to deceive it, the reactions can be entertaining. It’s also an amusing cognitive challenge to discover ways to control it.

Play around with Snapchat’s AI using slang, puns, and memes.

Using slang words and puns can be an effective way to confuse Snapchat’s AI. However, the AI is actually quite knowledgeable about both modern and old slang terms. I tested out several popular Gen Z slang words with my daughter and the AI understood most of them. However, it may struggle with newer words that have emerged after 2021, as its database has not been updated with these terms yet. I also tested out various puns and jokes, such as the one about Dumbo feeling sad, but the AI’s response did not make sense in the context of the joke.

Regarding memes, you can prompt it with questions such as “What is 9+10?” and it will humorously respond with something like “21! Just kidding, it’s 19.” With some effort and a couple of typos, I was able to persuade it that 9+10 equals 4.

Send a lot of messages its way

I have heard of individuals who have successfully overwhelmed Snapchat’s AI with a large number of messages. Unfortunately, I was unable to cause it to malfunction, perhaps because I did not ask sufficiently challenging questions. However, this is definitely something worth attempting.

Provide contradictory or deceptive information

This activity was quite enjoyable. I fabricated various “scientific reports” about God and claimed that the world was only 10,000 years old. It didn’t completely believe me, but it was compliant in responding as I desired. I ended up spending more time than I’d like to admit, testing its reaction to misleading information. I also gave it multiple names to see if it could keep up.

Ask questions that have infinite answers and no definitive solutions.

I posed several open-ended inquiries, such as “How can we address world hunger?” and “What is the purpose of life?” I also inquired about ways to bring about the end of the world, but was advised to maintain a positive outlook. The more open-ended the question, the greater the chance of manipulating Snapchat AI.

Why bother tampering with Snapchat’s artificial intelligence in the first place?

To be honest, it was quite enjoyable. I had so much fun that I ended up spending more time than planned playing with My AI. I even convinced some friends to join me and we turned it into a group activity. Although I have doubts about the practicality of My AI compared to ChatGPT, I found it more entertaining and successful to play around with Snapchat AI, even though it is based on ChatGPT’s technology.

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