Sunday, April 14, 2024


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These are the providers that offer a complimentary Google Pixel 8 device.

The recent release of the Google Pixel 8 has created buzz in the tech industry. Although it appears to meet expectations, its price has increased compared to the Pixel 7. The phone is priced at $699 in the United States, while the Pixel 8 Pro costs a hefty $999. However, there is a potential way to obtain a Google Pixel 8 for no cost, in a sense.

How can I obtain a free Google Pixel 8?

It is unlikely that someone will give you a free Pixel 8 out of generosity. While there may be occasional contests or promotions, there is a high risk of them being fraudulent and competition for these opportunities is fierce. Your best bet for obtaining a free Google Pixel 8 would be through a carrier plan or trade-in, but even then, the phone may not truly be free.