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The updated version of the Fitbit app is currently being released to all users.

Fitbit App Redesign 2023 Hero

Credit: Fitbit
  • Google is releasing a redesigned Fitbit app to all users today.

  • The updated version is more user-friendly and streamlined.
  • Currently, there are only three tabs available: Today, Coach, and You. Each tab has several subsections within it.

The Fitbit application has maintained a consistent appearance for several years. Despite the addition of various new features, the overall layout has remained largely unchanged. However, due to the removal of most social features from the app in the previous year, a revamp was deemed necessary.

The updated Fitbit app is now available worldwide for Android and iOS users. In a blog post on Keyword, Google highlights the key new features of the app and what sets this redesign apart.

The most significant change is the simplified design with improved utilization of white space. All content is now organized into three tabs: Today, Coach, and You. These replace the previous four tabs located at the bottom of the app: Today, Discover, Community, and Premium. As the Community tab no longer includes many social features, the current tab organization may seem unclear.

Each new tab clearly displays its contents. The Today tab shows your daily progress in steps, sleep, and other activities. You can also log food and drink intake, mood, and any other relevant stats. The Coach tab offers workouts, with additional options available for Fitbit Premium users. The You tab allows you to manage all of your data, adjust personal goals, and monitor long-term accomplishments.

Take a look at the appearance below.

Redesigned Fitbit app in 2023: A visual overview.

Please note that certain features may not be accessible without a compatible Fitbit device. For instance, not all Fitbit models have an EDA sensor, so monitoring stress levels will require manual input. Additionally, Fitbit Premium subscribers will have access to additional data, including Sleep Score.

Today, Fitbit is releasing a new version of their app. However, it may take a few days for it to be visible to everyone. For Android users, you can check for updates by opening the Google Play Store, clicking on your avatar in the top right corner, and selecting “Manage apps & device.” If there are any available updates, be sure to update them to the most recent versions.