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The release date, price, rumors, specifications, and other details of the Fitbit Sense 3.

Fitbit continues to be a popular choice for wearable devices, with its top-of-the-line smartwatch collections. The Fitbit Sense line, which focuses on health, boasts advanced sensors and a variety of smartwatch capabilities. While our review of the latest model, Fitbit Sense 2, was not exceptional, we are eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this series. Learn all about the specifications, pricing, and potential features of a potential Fitbit Sense 3.

Overview of Fitbit Sense 3

  • When will it be released? If a Fitbit Sense 3 is released, it will probably be in 2025, as they tend to follow a biannual release schedule. However, there is a chance that the line may be discontinued due to the introduction of the Google Pixel Watch lineup.

  • What are the latest updates? Currently, there are no rumors about a new Sense being developed. However, the release of Google Pixel Watch 2 is expected soon and we anticipate notable improvements to be made. If a Sense 3 is released, we would like to see it bring back smartwatch capabilities that were removed in the previous generation, such as support for third-party apps and music storage. Without these features, it is difficult to see the device being able to compete with the thorough Fitbit integration offered by the Pixel Watch 2.

  • What will be the price? If Fitbit decides to keep the Sense line, it is anticipated that they will maintain a steady cost structure. This would result in a price range of $299 to $329.

Is there a possibility of a Fitbit Sense 3?

A Fitbit Sense 2 rests on pebbles, display a watch face.

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Other than the impending release of the Pixel Watch 2, there is no indication that Fitbit will discontinue the Sense lineup. Despite only two versions being released thus far, these smartwatches are the most advanced wearable options from the company and are designed for those who prioritize health statistics. It is improbable that Fitbit will cease this product line.

The only reason we hesitate to call the Sense 3 a sure thing is the overall uncertainty of Google’s Fitbit ownership. The Google Pixel Watch threw a curveball at the Fitbit stable and only time will tell how the situation is going to play out. We’ve already seen some negative impacts with features stripped back from the Sense 2.

When will the Fitbit Sense 3 be released?

Fitbit Sense: September 2020
Fitbit Sense 2: August 2022

There have been two versions of the Fitbit Sense released, with the first in 2020 and the second in 2022. It is unlikely that a third version will be released in the upcoming launch, as there have been no rumors about it. It is expected that the third version will follow a biannual release pattern and be available in the fall of 2024. We will continue to update this information as more details become available.

What specifications and characteristics will the Fitbit Sense 3 include?

A Fitbit Sense 2 rests face down on pebbles, displaying its sensor package.

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

The upcoming Fitbit Sense 3 is expected to have a similar rounded rectangular shape for its watch case and a vibrant AMOLED touchscreen display. It will also have interchangeable bands. The design of the Sense line has only undergone minor changes between the original Sense and the Sense 2, with the latter being slightly thinner and lighter. The Sense 2 also replaced the capacitive groove with a physical button, making navigation more convenient.

The previous generations of this device have a variety of health sensors that can track important measurements such as Active Zone Minutes, sleep patterns, SpO2 levels, heart rate, and skin temperature. In some countries, they also offer ECG readings. The latest version, Sense 2, includes continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) readings through its Body Response sensor. These readings allow users to monitor their stress levels throughout the day, which is becoming increasingly important for overall health. We anticipate that all of these helpful features will be included in the new lineup, and hopefully, some additional ones as well. Due to the advanced sensors in this device, we believe it is the best Fitbit option for those with health concerns. We look forward to seeing Fitbit continue to add more resources and tools to further enhance its capabilities.

The upcoming Fitbit Sense 3 is expected to feature the same high-tech health sensors, fitness monitoring, and battery longevity that users have come to expect from the brand.

The Fitbit Sense line also has a lot to offer in terms of basic fitness tracking that we anticipate featuring on the Sense 3 as well. In addition to a range of sport profiles, the device will likely offer auto-workout detection and built-in GPS. We also expect Google Maps, NFC support for Google Pay, voice assistance, and phone call support via a built-in microphone and speaker.

Ultimately, Fitbit is renowned for its exceptional battery specifications in comparison to other prominent devices. It is expected that the Fitbit Sense 3 will uphold this reputation with a battery life of up to one week. Enhancements in performance and battery capacity may both play a role in achieving this extended lifespan.

What is the expected price for the Fibit Sense 3?

Fitbit Sense: $329
Fitbit Sense 2: $299

Fitbit’s Sense, the highest tier option, typically comes at a higher cost compared to its more affordable Versa counterparts. The original Sense was priced at $329, while the newer and simpler Sense 2 was launched at $299 two years later. We hope that Fitbit will revamp their lineup and reintroduce some of the features that were removed in 2022. This may result in a price increase. Additionally, the rising costs of wearables in general may also impact Fitbit’s pricing strategy. We do not want to see Fitbit continuously reducing features and tools in order to offer a less expensive but weaker third generation product.

Is it advisable to wait for the release of the Fitbit Sense 3?

A user reviews their workout stats on wrist.


The author of this article is C. Scott Brown from Android Authority.

At this point, it is difficult to determine if the Sense 3 will be worth the wait. We advise against buying a Fitbit Sense 2.

If you are set on a Fitbit device and have health concerns requiring more sensors, then the smartwatch may be a good fit for you. However, without Wi-Fi or third-party app support, it may not be worth investing in. We hope that the upcoming Sense 3 model will offer a better overall experience compared to its predecessor.

If the uncertain timeline is causing concern, we recommend monitoring the release of the upcoming Pixel Watch 2. The initial Pixel Watch had some initial quirks that we anticipate Google will address in the updated version. Expected to launch in the near future, the Pixel Watch 2 is expected to have significant integration with Fitbit and a complete Wear OS experience.

with GPS)

Aside from the Fitbit system, there are several other excellent choices available. The most recent Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, which includes GPS, is among them. ) packs a powerful health and fitness tracking suite. For iOS users, the Apple Watch Series 9 ( ) or Apple Watch SE 2022 (

The Sense line offers great choices for its price range, but there are many other options to consider.

Possible reworded text: “Desired Features for Fitbit Sense 3”

A Fitbit Sense 2 rests alongside a user's phone displaying the Fitbit app.


The author of this article is C. Scott Brown from Android Authority.


We are constantly filled with excitement about new gadgets, and even with limited details, we have high expectations for the Sense 3.0.

Returning to the previous version (specifically, the features of the smartwatch).

We hope to see a reversal of some of the decisions made during the launch of the Fitbit Sense 2. When the Versa 3 and original Sense were released, we were excited about Fitbit’s efforts to compete in the smartwatch market. However, in 2022, the company removed Wi-Fi and third-party app support from the new models, which hindered the capabilities of the Versa 4 and Sense 2 and pushed customers towards the Pixel Watch. Additionally, Google Assistant was also removed, leaving only Amazon’s Alexa as the voice assistant option. In March 2023, Fitbit removed music storage support, further reducing the functionality of all Fitbit smartwatches.

Our main desire for the upcoming Fitbit smartwatches is to have these fundamental features reintroduced to complete the devices. It is difficult to envision Fitbit maintaining its position as a competitive smartwatch brand without them.

GPS accuracy improvements

A Fitbit Sense 2 displays a user's step count.


Kris Carlon, the author for Android Authority, wrote this.

The GPS accuracy of the Fitbit Sense 2 appeared to decline. We often recommend Fitbit devices for simple activity tracking. We believe Fitbit should continue to focus on this market. Accurate GPS is valuable for all users, not just elite athletes. We also anticipate that future software updates will address the inconsistent heart rate accuracy we experienced during our review of the Fitbit Sense 2.

Music storage and music controls

A user loads the Spotify app on their older Fitbit smartwatch.


The author of this article is Jimmy Westenberg from Android Authority.

While we previously acknowledged the reduction of music storage, this matter deserves its own section on our list of desired features. Access to playlists is crucial for many users during fitness training. It is truly confusing that the smartwatch line not only lacks music storage but also eliminates music controls. We strongly urge Fitbit to reconsider this decision and reintroduce both features on the Sense 3.

A universal charger

Despite the unlikelihood of success, we persist in imploring brands to abandon their exclusive chargers. Efficient and dependable charging is essential for a positive user experience with wearable technology. Fitbit boasts impressive battery specifications. Our goal is to reduce electronic waste and increase compatibility among products, reducing the clutter of multiple cables.