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The release date for season 4 of The Boys: This is the current information we have.

Starlight in The Boys

Credit: Amazon Studios

Eric Kripke has caused a stir with his recent announcement that the highly anticipated season 4 of The Boys cannot be revealed due to the WGA strike. Although there is a possibility that it may come out in 2024, fans can take comfort in the fact that a spin-off of the show will be premiering on Prime Video on September 29th, 2023. Let’s explore all the juicy details about the thrilling upcoming season of The Boys.


When will season 4 of The Boys be released?

Unfortunately, season 4 of The Boys has encountered an unforeseen obstacle. Despite initially beginning filming in Toronto in 2022, the WGA strike has caused a delay in the release. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Will season 4 of The Boys be the final season?

Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys, has officially announced that the series will continue beyond season 4 and there will be a fifth season. Additionally, a spin-off called Gen V is in the works, which will explore the training aspect of The Boys universe and has been described as a darker and edgier version of Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

Seven in The boys (1)

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What is the episode count for season 4 of The Boys?

Viewers can expect an exciting and unpredictable journey with a total of eight episodes, which will only be available on Amazon Prime Video. Similar to the current three seasons, each one also contains eight episodes.

What can we anticipate in the fourth season of The Boys?

This is a sneak peek of what’s ahead.

Homelander’s Revelations

homelander in the boys (1)

Credit: Amazon Studios

The previous season unveiled a shocking truth as Homelander revealed Becca’s son, Ryan, to the public. With a genetic connection to Homelander, Ryan has the potential to possess powers that may even exceed his father’s, making him a ticking time bomb.

Soldier Boy’s Resilience

Despite facing a significant setback in the last season, Soldier Boy is still very much in the competition. His strong ties to the Vought world make him a key figure to keep an eye on.

Starlight’s Alliance

starlight in the boys (1)

Credit: Amazon Studios

Starlight, who began as an optimistic and honest member of The Seven, has undergone a significant transformation. Her partnership with The Boys is now strong, transparent, and free from hidden agendas. It will be interesting to see how this affects the power dynamics within The Seven and with Vought.

Maeve, the Queen’s Fresh Journey

queen mauve in the boys (1)

Credit: Amazon Studios

Queen Maeve made a bold choice to give up her abilities and pretend to die. Now, she faces many unknowns on her journey. As the stakes are raised, her growth as a character could bring some of the most powerful moments of the season.

Eric Kripke, the creator, has been dropping hints to excite fans with the possibility of new superpowered individuals being added to the cast. Although the release date for season 4 of The Boys has not been announced yet, Kripke has promised these additions to be some of the most impressive and wild yet. It’s safe to say that these new characters will bring a new dynamic to the story, potentially causing disruptions and sparking new conflicts. Keep an eye out for updates!


Has filming for season 4 of The Boys been completed?

The production for season 4 of The Boys concluded in April 2023, with the cast and crew finishing filming. The show has now entered the post-production stage.

Is Jensen Ackles expected to appear in the fourth season of The Boys?

Definitely. Jensen Ackles suggested the return of Soldier Boy in season 4 during an interview with Awards Radar. He verified that even though Soldier Boy was captured, the character is still alive. Considering Soldier Boy’s important part in the Vought universe, it is highly unlikely for him to be sidelined.

Will Maeve make a return in season 4 of The Boys?

Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, has plans for Queen Maeve to make a comeback in the upcoming season.