Friday, April 12, 2024


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The Pixel 8 running Android 14 allows users to create their own AI-generated wallpapers.

  • Google has revealed that Pixel devices will now have generative AI wallpapers available with the release of Android 14.

  • You now have the ability to create personalized wallpapers for the Pixel 8 series.

  • The function utilizes preselected choices instead of completely customizable prompts.

In 2023, the term “Generative AI” is popular in the tech world as more businesses are utilizing its advanced capabilities in generating text, images, and other content. We have already witnessed Google incorporating this technology in different ways, and it is now introducing generative AI wallpapers as a feature in Android 14.

The company has officially announced that the Pixel 8 series will be the initial devices to receive generative AI wallpapers. This decision is based on the company’s explanation that these wallpapers will be available for these devices.

Utilize “AI-generated models for converting text into images” to assist in generating fresh backgrounds.