Sunday, April 14, 2024


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The newest sculpture from Google features Bugdroid doing a flip in celebration of upside-down cake.

Android upside down cake statue

Credit: Dave Burke
  • Google has revealed the newest addition to its collection of dessert-themed statues.

  • The statue depicts a Bugdroid performing a handstand on top of a layer of cake.

  • The purpose of the statue is to honor the code name “upside down cake” for Android 14.

Google has a custom of revealing fresh statues to coincide with each release of Android. At their I/O conference in May, they displayed a Bugdroid adorned in a space suit, inspired by the space-themed logo for Android 14. The company has now unveiled a new statue in honor of Android 14’s codename.

Google is known for giving each version of their operating system a dessert-themed code name. While they no longer publicly announce these names, the tradition continues. The code name for Android 14 was “upside down cake.”