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The iPhone 15 is the most expensive iPhone, forget about the Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max backs

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
Opinion post by
Robert Triggs

The cost of the newest iPhone 15 Pro Max at $1,199 is undeniably high. It is actually the most expensive iPhone ever released by Apple. However, you are getting the latest and most advanced mobile technology from the brand in exchange for your money. On the opposite end is the overlooked iPhone 15, priced at $799. While it is more budget-friendly, it lacks the cutting-edge features of Apple’s Pro range and is often left waiting for older features to become available.

The flow has decreased to a small amount. Therefore, the standard iPhone 15 does not measure up well to the top Android phones in the same price range when comparing specifications. While the Pro Max may come at a high cost, it is actually the iPhone 15 that is overpriced for its features.

The specifications of the iPhone 15 are not up to par with current standards.

Let’s take a moment to go over the common characteristics found in Android flagship devices priced at $799.

Beginning with the screen, most devices now come equipped with high-refresh-rate 120Hz OLED panels, even in the mid-range market. Additionally, variable refresh rates are becoming more prevalent as a way to conserve battery life. However, the iPhone 15 is still limited to a fixed 60Hz refresh rate, which can appear and feel slower when browsing websites. After experiencing 120Hz, using a 60Hz display may feel less high-quality.

Similarly, Apple only offers its Always-on Display (AOD) feature on its Pro model, whereas many Android manufacturers, such as Google and Samsung, make it available on their less expensive devices. This shows how Apple is not fully providing its customers with advanced display technology.

Sony Xperia 5 IV vs Apple iPhone 14 cameras


The author of this article is Robert Triggs from Android Authority.

When you turn the newest iPhone over, you’ll notice that Apple is cutting corners in another aspect. While the iPhone 15 now has a bigger and higher quality 48MP rear camera (which catches up to other top camera phones), it still has an outdated ultrawide lens and does not have any optical zoom capabilities. Additionally, Apple’s 2x telephoto feature is not a true match for a separate 2x or 3x lens.

At this price, Android offers a variety of high-quality camera options, such as the OnePlus 11’s 2x lens, the Galaxy S23’s 3x telephoto feature, and the Xiaomi 13’s 3.2x optical capabilities. In comparison, the $899 dual-camera iPhone 15 Plus cannot match the versatility of the $849 Pixel 7 Pro’s zoom setup.

Although not as serious, Apple’s decision to use outdated silicon is a disadvantage compared to its rivals. The A16 Bionic is still a strong processor after only one year, but similarly priced Android flagship phones often feature the newest and most advanced Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. In addition, upcoming flagship phones from competitors will have an upgrade to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 next year, which will have even better graphics capabilities than Apple’s previous generation chip.

The competition outperforms this device due to its slow display, outdated chip, and limited camera capabilities.

Likewise, the battery longevity has never been exceptional for the smaller iPhone, and the 15 model does not appear to be any bigger than its previous version. In addition, previous iPhone models have received negative feedback for losing their maximum capacity faster than other brands, implying that Apple is using lower-quality cells. However, there are several compact smartphones available that provide reliable all-day battery life, and in some cases, even more.

Apple’s latest releases may not always be truly innovative. The recently released budget iPhone 15s lacks support for fast data transfer speeds, despite finally switching to USB-C. Unfortunately, it is still limited to the older, slower USB 2.0 protocol, which is significantly slower compared to what is available on newer Android devices.

The Apple iPhone 15 has some drawbacks and not many hardware advantages compared to its competitors in the same price range, due to its display, battery, USB-C technology, and average camera setup.

The best Android alternatives to the iPhone 15

samsung galaxy s23 quick settings

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Apple deserves recognition for its strong design elements, which stand up well against those of its Android competitors. Features such as NFC, Ultra-wideband, an IP68 rating, Bluetooth 5.3, and ongoing support for updates are all present. However, there are still Android options that offer faster charging, the newest Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, and popular features like a headphone jack. While these may not be as crucial to the average consumer, it highlights the fact that there are many other worthy competitors in the market.

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 (

The main competitor for the Apple iPhone 15 is the ). This device features a smooth and responsive 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED display with AOD, an extra camera for improved zoom capabilities, quicker wired charging, and faster USB 3.2 data transfer speeds, all at the same cost as the newest iPhone.

There are plenty of Android options available that offer more powerful hardware for the same price as an iPhone 15.

Spend just a fraction more, and the excellent Google Pixel 7 Pro ( ) nets you faster wireless charging, a 10-120Hz LTPO display, 5x long-range zoom photography, and a huge 5,000mAh battery. In Europe, the Xiaomi 13 (

The cost of the phone is the same and it includes a large battery, impressive camera arrangement with optical zoom, 120Hz screen, ability to record 8K videos, rapid wired charging, Wi-Fi 7 compatibility, and double the storage compared to other competitors.

The appeal of the iPhone 15 goes beyond just its hardware features, with the addition of new satellite-based Roadside Assistance. Those who are fully invested in Apple’s software ecosystem may need more persuasion to switch to another brand, but those searching for a good deal should consider options other than the expensive iPhone 15.