Thursday, February 22, 2024


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The cheapest countries to buy a Pixel 8

google pixel 8 back in hand

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 8 has captured the attention of many with its impressive features, but unfortunately, the price remains unchanged from its previous generation. While the Pixel 7 was available for a reasonable $599, the Pixel 8 now comes with a higher price tag of $699, bringing it closer in line with other high-end smartphones. With the added sales tax for US residents, the total cost for the new Google phone can reach up to $800. If this has you reconsidering purchasing it in the US, you may be wondering where the most affordable location to buy the Pixel 8 is.

Fortunately, the cost of an Android phone varies in each of the 17 countries where it will be available for purchase. Additionally, if you happen to purchase it while traveling in a different country, you may not have to pay sales tax or may be eligible for a rebate when you leave. The question is, does this all equate to a chance to obtain the Pixel 8 at a lower price overseas? We have analyzed the data to provide you with the answer.