Wednesday, May 29, 2024


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The battery health information on iPhone 15 will be available before it is released on Android 14.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1

iPhone 15 Pro Max
Credit: Apple
  • Apple has now provided additional information regarding battery health for the iPhone 15 series. Users can now view the month of manufacture, first use, and the number of charging cycles within the iOS system on their iPhone 15.

  • Apple currently offers the ability for users of older iPhone models to monitor their battery’s health by displaying the percentage of the original charging capacity.

  • Android is currently in the process of catching up, as the feature is still being developed for Android 14 and Android 15.

Last week, Apple released the iPhone 15 series and reviewers are now able to test it out. Each year, Apple makes various updates to iPhones and iOS but doesn’t always announce every single change. Early adopters can now explore the phone and uncover all the newly added features. It appears that Apple took notice of Android’s intention to offer detailed battery health information and decided to step up their game with the iPhone 15 series.

Recent reviews have indicated that within iOS 17, users are able to view the production date, initial use date, and number of charging cycles for their iPhone 15 battery. To access this information, go to Settings > General > About this device.