Wednesday, April 17, 2024


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SpaceX is planning to launch a satellite phone service called Starlink in 2024.

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  • In 2024, SpaceX’s Starlink will begin launching its Direct to Cell satellite phone service.

  • The service will prioritize texting initially, with voice and data expected to be added by 2025.

  • The initial coverage area will encompass the continental United States, Hawaii, certain regions of Alaska, Puerto Rico, and US territorial waters.

In the previous year, it was declared that SpaceX and T-Mobile would join forces to provide T-Mobile subscribers with satellite coverage using the Starlink satellite group. Presently, we have details on the launch date for the satellite phone service, new partners involved, and the planned rollout process.

According to the Starlink website, under the business section, the company has announced that their Direct to Cell satellite phone service will commence in 2024. Initially, texting will be available followed by voice and data in 2025.