Tuesday, June 25, 2024


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Samsung has announced that it will be offering mobile driver’s licenses through its Samsung Wallet platform.

Samsung Wallet stock photos 3

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Samsung is planning to introduce the capability to store driver’s licenses and state IDs in Samsung Wallet on smartphones.

  • Residents of Iowa and Arizona will now have the option to access a mobile version of their driver’s license, making these two states the pioneers in this offering.

  • Samsung is collaborating with the TSA to implement a trial program that allows the use of mobile driver’s licenses at 25 federally-regulated airports.

In 2022, Apple introduced a feature for its mobile devices that allows users to store their driver’s license digitally. This feature has been slowly expanding to a few states since its launch. Recently, Samsung has also joined in on the virtual ID trend by offering the ability to store driver’s licenses and state IDs on their Android phones through Samsung Wallet.

Samsung has revealed that its Wallet app will now include a mobile driver’s license feature. This means that users can store a digital copy of their driver’s license or state ID within the app. Samsung has collaborated with IDEMIA to guarantee the security, precision, and confidentiality of these mobile licenses.