Sunday, June 9, 2024


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Passkeys are designed to render your Google account password obsolete.

Google passkeys for Chrome and Android

Credit: Google
  • Google is opting to use passkeys as the default method for logging into personal Google Accounts.

  • The next time they log in, users will have the option to generate and utilize a passkey.

  • Users will have the choice to opt out and continue utilizing passwords.

The majority of individuals typically use a username and password as a means of confirming their identity on various online platforms. While usernames are visible and simple to recall, passwords are confidential and commonly advised to be a mix of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and special characters. Unfortunately, many people resort to reusing passwords, which compromises their security. Passkeys offer a new solution to the problem of having numerous unique passwords, and Google is making significant progress in promoting their use.

Google recently announced that passkeys will now be the default choice for personal Google Accounts. When logging into your account, Google will prompt you to set up and use a passkey. Additionally, the option to “skip password when possible” will be automatically enabled in your Google Account settings, but you can choose to disable passkeys by turning off this setting.