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Keep track of the Android 14 update: When will your device receive it?

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The author of this article is Edgar Cervantes from Android Authority.

Google recently revealed the initial developer preview for Android 14 in February of 2023. Interestingly, it is currently in a beta phase labeled as QPR1 and is not yet available to the public. This update will be the 2023 edition of the operating system. It is expected to take a few weeks before the stable version is released. As this new version of Android is on the horizon, you may be wondering which phones will be compatible and when you can expect to update to Android 14. Don’t worry, we have some information to share with you below!

This article will be regularly updated as the 2023 Android version is released. Therefore, we suggest bookmarking this article and revisiting it periodically to see if there are any updates for your device.