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Is AT&T facing difficulties? It appears that they are taking a cautious approach in 2023.

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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
Opinion post by
Andrew Grush

The mobile market in the United States has undergone substantial changes over time. Previously, Verizon and AT&T held dominant positions, with Sprint and T-Mobile lagging behind. However, by 2023, the distance between the top carriers has decreased significantly and competition has intensified. In the summer of this year, AT&T’s stock reached its lowest point in 30 years, causing concern about the company’s stability.

I am not implying that the company is at risk of disappearing. It still holds a position in the Fortune 500 list with a large number of subscribers and a dedicated fan following. It should also be noted that Verizon is facing challenges of its own, such as lead contamination concerns and other factors impacting its stock performance. Furthermore, according to Statista, AT&T is performing well in terms of retaining subscribers. After a slight decrease in numbers for a few months, there has been some slight growth in the last two quarters.