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Information and Expectations for the 7th Generation Apple iPad Mini: What We Know and What We’re Hoping For

6th gen iPad Mini purple flat

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

New Update: As of September 25, 2023 at 11:43 PM ET, we have added new details to our iPad Mini (7th generation) rumor collection, including the potential release date of 2023 for the tablet.

Reworded: While larger tablets have their benefits, they may not be suitable for everyone. For those who prefer a smaller device that is easy to transport but still offers a larger screen than a smartphone, Apple’s iPad Mini series is the top choice. The 7th generation of this popular tablet is expected to be released by the Cupertino company in the near future.

The latest version of the iPad Mini is now in its 6th generation. It boasts a sleek design, impressive performance, long-lasting battery, and the option to include 5G connectivity. What enhancements could be made and what can we anticipate from the upcoming iPad Mini? In this collection, we will compile all the speculations and information, along with our predictions for potential features of the 7th generation iPad Mini. Let’s delve into what we currently know and what we hope to see.

Is an iPad Mini (7th generation) going to be released?

iPad Mini 2021 purple in hand

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

The iPad Mini, while popular, is not considered a main product in Apple’s lineup. It is often overshadowed by more significant releases and is no longer released annually. The timing of iPad Mini launches can be inconsistent. More information will be discussed in the following section.

The focus is on whether an iPad Mini will be released. Based on our prediction, it is unlikely that Apple will discontinue the iPad Mini series. It remains a dominant player in the small tablet market and continues to have desirable features. According to IDC, the iPad Mini (6th gen) was the second best-selling tablet in the first quarter of 2022, trailing behind only the 2021 iPad.

Top 5 tablets of Q1 2022

Credit: Francisco Jeronimo / IDC

We have recently been hearing some rumors about the release of the next-generation iPad Mini 7, although there are not many details available yet. It is likely that it will be released, but the exact timing is still unknown.

When will the 7th generation iPad Mini be released?

  • The first generation of iPad Mini was released in October 2012.

  • The 2nd generation iPad Mini was released in October of 2013.

  • The third generation iPad Mini was released in October 2014.

  • iPad Mini 4th generation: September 2015
  • The 5th generation iPad Mini was released in March 2019.

  • The 6th generation iPad Mini will be released in September 2021.

Most versions of the iPad Mini have been unveiled in either October or September, except for the 5th generation model which was announced in March. Following their announcements, all iPad Minis were promptly released, typically on the same day or within a few days.

The 7th generation iPad Mini is expected to be released in September or October.

Based on previous launches, it is likely that the iPad Mini 7 will be revealed in either September or October. However, September is the more frequent month for launches. It should be noted that this is a prediction based on past events and may be subject to change.

It is uncertain if the 2023 release will happen. It is possible that the next version will not be available until 2024. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new tablet will not be shipped until late 2023 or the first half of 2024.

In January 2023, Kuo stated that there will not be any new iPads released in the next 9-12 months. This suggests that a launch in 2024 is likely.

Unfortunately, during August of 2023, a known source known for leaking information, ShrimpApplePro, tweeted that it is highly likely for Apple to release the 7th generation iPad Mini this year. Additionally, a report from Digitimes suggests that Apple may potentially unveil the compact iPad in the fourth quarter, so there is a chance for its release in 2023.

What are the features and specifications of the 7th generation iPad Mini?

iPad Mini 2021 Apple TV

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

There have not been many leaks about the 7th generation iPad Mini so far, but the few that are available provide us with a glimpse of what to expect. We can also make educated guesses about its potential features.

Processor upgrade

Apple Event 2022 A16

Apple A16 Bionic
Credit: Apple

Although they are smaller in size, iPad Mini devices cannot be considered budget tablets. It has become the norm for these compact devices to have high-performing processors, often equivalent to those found in iPhones.

The 2021 version of the iPad Mini was equipped with the identical Apple A15 Bionic processor found in the iPhone 13 series, which were both released in 2021. Likewise, it is anticipated that Apple will include a new generation chipset in the upcoming iPad Mini. This is supported by Ming-Chi Kuo’s tweet, where he stated that the device will have an improved processor and will be a prominent feature in its marketing.

The likelihood is that the 7th generation of the iPad Mini will feature either the Apple A16 Bionic chip, which is also used in the iPhone 14 Pro series, or the A17 Bionic chip. There is speculation that it may even include an M series processor, which currently powers the higher-end iPads such as the iPad Pro M2 and iPad Air M1, as well as all modern Mac computers.

Design changes?

iPad Mini 6th gen angled

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

The current iPad Mini maintains the same design that was introduced with the iPhone 12 and has been used for the subsequent iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models. Apple appears to favor this design aesthetic, featuring angular edges and a sleek body. The current iPad Mini underwent a notable change, leading us to anticipate a similar design in the future. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, although according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple does not plan on making significant changes to the product.

We anticipate that the screen size will remain at 8.3 inches. Additionally, as the iPad Mini (6th generation) currently utilizes USB-C and Apple is required to transition away from Lightning, it is likely that the new iPad Mini (7th generation) will also utilize USB-C.

There is a possibility of additional color choices being available for the 7th generation iPad Mini.

It is possible that more color choices may be added in the future. Currently, the iPad Mini is available in four colors: Space Gray, Pink, Purple, and Starlight. However, Apple has been introducing bolder color options recently. The iPhone 14 comes in Midnight, Starlight, Red, Blue, Purple, and Yellow. The standard 10th generation iPad also offers more vibrant colors such as Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Silver. It is likely that the new 7th generation iPad Mini will also have more or more exciting color options available.

It would be great to have a more improved display.

An iPad mini running iPadOS 15

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

The display on the 6th generation iPad Mini, using Liquid Retina and IPS LCD technology, is satisfactory but has room for improvement. While the 1,488 x 2,266 resolution and 327ppi density are satisfactory, our review highlights a major concern with its 60Hz refresh rate. Most premium products now offer a 120Hz refresh rate as the standard.

There is a possibility that the upcoming iPad Mini will have a 120Hz display. A well-known tech user on Twitter, @FromTron, shared a post from a Korean forum in late 2021 that claimed Samsung Display has sent out an 8.3-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate for testing. Apple currently refers to this feature as “ProMotion” on its devices with 120Hz refresh rates.

It would be great to have a 120Hz refresh rate on the iPad Mini (7th generation) screen, but it appears unlikely.

Unfortunately, the iPad Mini does not have the capability of higher refresh rates like ProMotion found in other products. According to analyst Ross Young on Twitter, this is due to the device’s use of a-Si LCD technology, which is not compatible with ProMotion. In order for this feature to be possible, Apple would need to switch to an Oxide LCD or OLED panel.

Apple has introduced premium displays for their top-tier iPads. The 2022 iPad Pro 12.9 model features a Mini-LED screen. However, it is unlikely that this technology will be implemented in the iPad Mini, but one can always hope.

What is the expected cost of the 7th generation iPad Mini?

At the moment, there is a lack of reliable information about the pricing of the new iPad Mini. However, it is worth noting that the 6th generation version had a $100 increase compared to the 5th generation, with a starting price of $499.

Since the iPad Mini (7th generation) is likely to have a minor upgrade, we can anticipate that the price will remain the same or be very close to the current $499 manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).


Is it best to hold off on purchasing the 7th generation iPad Mini?


The release of the next iPad Mini is not expected until 2024. If you require a smaller tablet and prefer iOS, consider purchasing the current iPad Mini (2021).

Are you looking for a more recent option? Consider choosing the 5th generation iPad Air. ) instead. While this is a bigger tablet, it’s still light and easy to carry around.

Interested in an Android tablet? Take a look at our comprehensive list of top tablets for additional options. Keep in mind that most smaller tablets may not have strong performance and you may need to consider the Amazon Fire 7. ).

Desired Features for the 7th Generation Apple iPad Mini

Previously, we shared reliable information regarding potential changes for the iPad Mini. Now, we have gathered a list of features that we are anticipating. These are not confirmed yet, but we are eagerly hoping for their realization.

Is it possible for us to obtain a Smart Connector?

apple ipad air 2020 review smart connector usb c

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

The latest iPads now have the Smart Connector, according to Apple. However, the iPad Mini does not have this feature. The Smart Connector is a magnetic three-pin connection used to attach accessories. Apple utilizes this connector to link iPads to items like keyboards. It is able to transfer data and power, which would be a useful addition for the next iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini is likely to have the Smart Connector feature, as it is already included in the more budget-friendly 10th generation iPad. Apple may also introduce additional compatible accessories if this feature is added.

Thinner bezels

iPad Mini 2021 landscape in hand

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

The 7th generation of the iPad Mini has successfully reduced the size of its bottom and top bezels by eliminating the home button. However, they are still quite prominent. In comparison to other top-of-the-line devices, the 2021 iPad Mini only has a 77.4% screen-to-body ratio.

However, the bezels are not necessarily terrible. In fact, some of you appreciate having a spacious area to grip the tablet without the worry of unintentional touches.

Faster charging

apple ipad port and charger

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

In our review of the 6th generation iPad Mini, we noted that the 20W charger included with the device does not significantly increase charging speed. It took approximately 30 minutes to charge from 10% to 50%, but reaching 100% from 10% took about 90 minutes.

Although Apple has not prioritized fast charging in the past, an improvement in this area would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, considering the compact size of this device, the inclusion of wireless charging would be a valuable enhancement.

Other smaller upgrades

iPad Mini 2021 camera bump fingerprint reader

Credit: Nick Fernandez / Android Authority

It is expected that Apple will introduce small improvements to enhance the iPad Mini experience. These may include better cameras, increased base storage, an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E, and other enhancements. However, these are only speculations at this point. As more information becomes available, we will update this article with specific details.