Friday, May 17, 2024


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Here’s the first peek at the new Google Assistant powered by Bard

Assistant with Bard Presentation at Made by Google Event 2023

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
  • Code indicating the incorporation of Bard’s services with Google Assistant was discovered within the Google application.

  • Google may potentially replace Assistant’s logo with Bard’s star logo.

  • The onboarding process seems to display a message asking you to “Upgrade to the latest Assistant powered by Bard.”

At an event on October 4th, Google revealed plans to combine Google Assistant and its generative AI chatbot, resulting in the creation of “Assistant with Bard.” We now have a preview of what this upgraded version of Assistant might entail.

The team at TheSpAndroid, assisted by AssembleDebug, have uncovered hidden code in the beta edition of the Google app. This beta version includes a small portion of code that pertains to Bard’s integration with Assistant. The publication was also able to activate Assistant’s latest feature, but it was not fully operational.