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Here are five Android apps that you should definitely check out this week – Android Apps Weekly.

Welcome to the 504th issue of Android Apps Weekly. As usual, we have gathered the most recent updates and releases from the past week. Let’s begin with some noteworthy news from the previous week:

  • Android 14 has been released for qualifying Pixel devices after going through multiple beta versions. This updated Android offers a plethora of fresh additions, such as enhanced device protection, additional accessibility options, and improved compatibility with the Health Connect application. Additionally, there are some exclusive features for the Pixel 8 in Android 14, such as generative AI wallpapers.

  • The concept of Generative AI remains popular and Google has recently revealed that it will be integrated into the Fitbit app in early 2022. This feature will allow users to discover links and patterns within their fitness data and receive valuable feedback. Additionally, AI technology will offer individualized guidance and tailored workout suggestions to help individuals reach their fitness objectives.

  • Google has revealed that it will be discontinuing its Google Podcasts app, although it will remain functional until 2024. The upside is that Google is offering a seamless transition to another podcast platform for your data. This decision from Google is not unexpected, as they have a history of discontinuing various apps.
  • TikTok recently started testing a new ad-free monthly subscription. The new plan costs $4.99 during the testing phase, but the final pricing could differ. Having an ad-free option is nice, though the shift towards paying for social networking apps is one we don’t completely love. 
  • The latest update from Meta reveals that their Meta AI virtual assistant will soon be integrated into WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. However, for the time being, the assistant will only be accessible to users in the United States and will only support the English language.

  • Samsung Wallet will now include the option for users to store their driver’s licenses and state IDs. Residents of Iowa and Arizona will be the first to have access to a mobile version of their driver’s license, with more states planning to join. Samsung is collaborating with the TSA to allow for the use of mobile licenses at 25 federal airports.


Android Apps Weekly: The best new apps and games of the week

Are you in search of fresh Android apps and games to keep yourself entertained? Check out our top picks for this week below:

Google Magnifier

  • The cost is zero dollars, but only available to users with a Pixel device.

  • Release Date: Oct 6

google magnifier (1)

Credit: Google Play

The new Magnifier app by Google enables users to conveniently read distant text, including menus, airport and street signs. This app is ideal for individuals with impaired vision (like myself) or for those who simply want to zoom in on something that is not easily visible to the naked eye, regardless of whether corrective lenses are worn or not. The app offers a range of zoom options, from 1x to 30x. The only limitation is that it is currently only available for Pixel devices, although it has been tested on older models such as the Pixel 5.

Download it from Google Play Store.

Slim Battle: Idle RPG Games

  • Cost: No charge, but may require additional purchases within the app.

  • Release date: Sep 19

This game is not a story-driven RPG. Upon starting the game, you will receive a brief tutorial before being thrown into stage 1. You control a slime creature who is being constantly attacked by human enemies. Defeating a human leaves behind a temporary red splat. As the attacks persist, you may acquire temporary cards that enhance your abilities. The end of each level features a boss battle. This game is designed for casual play, ideal for moments such as waiting in line or having a short break.

Download it from the Google Play Store.

Soccer Manager 2024

  • This app is available for no cost, but has additional features that can be purchased within the app.

  • Release date: Sep 19

Invincibles Studio has built a strong reputation for creating highly precise and enjoyable soccer management games. The latest version allows players to access a wide variety of content, including over 900 real clubs from 54 leagues spanning 36 countries. In this game, you have the ability to buy, sell, and manage real players. For those who enjoy fantasy soccer, there are few other games that can compare to the quality of this one. Although I am not particularly interested in management games like this, I decided to give it a try and found it surprisingly easy to jump right in and start playing without any prior experience. It appears to be a game that is simple to pick up, but challenging to master.

“Download it from the Google Play Store”


  • Cost: No cost, but additional features and content can be purchased within the app for a fee.

  • Release date: Sep 19

Have you ever had the desire to play a game featuring a mute boy, trapped in a rundown town where he was discarded in the trash, with his only companion being a talking girl’s head named Aznana that he found among the garbage? I haven’t either, but I am happy that I did. This game is beyond eccentric. The main objective is for the boy and Aznana to find a way out of town together. They encounter a man who claims he can help, but he demands 10,000 dimes in exchange for the information. That’s a hefty amount of coins. The boy and Aznana embark on a journey to reach this goal by collecting cans and buying and selling items at a profit. From the unique art style to the witty dialogue, this game is incredibly enjoyable. I even caught myself playing for much longer than I had originally planned.

Download from Google Play Store


  • Price: $10 a month
  • Release date: Sep 21

The Cloaked app provides privacy by creating fake identities to protect your personal information from companies. By using this app, you can easily generate cloaked IDs, which means you can avoid sharing your real account details. This includes creating a fake username, email address, and phone number. For example, you can use these generated identities to sign up for online subscriptions, and all communication will be securely directed to the Cloaked app. Although the idea is interesting, it does have a price. The app offers a free 14-day trial (no credit card needed), but after that, there is a subscription fee of $10 per month or $96 per year.

Download it from the Google Play Store.