Wednesday, May 22, 2024


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have USB-C The remaining Apple devices that require USB-C do not yet have USB-C.

At the “Scary Fast” event on Monday evening, Apple unveiled multiple new Mac models, including a 24-inch version with an upgraded M3 processor. However, purchasing one will still come with the standard accessories in matching colors, and a Lightning cable will still be required for charging.

Apple is kind enough to supply one in the box—and you’ll get one if you buy the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Keyboard separately as well—but it’s strange that Apple didn’t use the opportunity to upgrade its Mac accessories to USB-C. They’re one of the few remaining devices that haven’t switched to USB-C and the ones that make the least sense.

Honestly, it was not necessary for Apple’s Mac accessories to have a Lightning port. When the second generation was released in October 2015, the three accessories changed from using replaceable AA batteries to rechargeable ones. This was six months after Apple introduced the 12-inch MacBook, the first Mac to have a USB-C port. Apple could have easily included the same port on its Mac accessories, either at that time or within the past eight years.

However, Apple is currently offering Lightning Mac accessories and it appears that this will continue for some time. If they follow the same schedule as they did with the release of the iMac, it is possible that we may not see USB-C Mac accessories until 2026. This is because Apple is not required to switch from Lightning to USB-C for their current products. It would be convenient to have one cable that can charge both your Mac and iPhone instead of having to search for a Lightning cable.