Sunday, July 14, 2024


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Google’s latest #BestPhonesForever campaign playfully mocks the iPhone’s Action Button.

Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro

Credit: Google
  • Google has released its latest #BestPhonesForever ad.
  • The video shows Google making a playful criticism about the lack of innovation in the iPhone 15’s release.

  • The video explains the iPhone 15’s Action Button as a modified mute button.

If you’ve been following closely, you may have come across Google’s advertisement series #BestPhoneForever. These ads usually feature a Pixel phone hanging out with an iPhone, allowing Google to subtly mock Apple in a humorous manner. This time, Google is taking a jab at the launch of the iPhone 15.

This morning, the company’s social media platforms shared the newest #BestPhoneForever commercial, featuring the Pixel 7 Pro narrating a chilling tale to the iPhone 15. Taking advantage of the Halloween season in October, the ad highlights the upcoming launch of the Pixel 8, causing the iPhone to express concern about the future rather than being frightened by a phone with a QWERTY keyboard.