Sunday, May 19, 2024


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Google is discontinuing Google Podcasts.

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The author of this article is Edgar Cervantes, who writes for Android Authority.

  • Google has announced that they will no longer be offering Google Podcasts.
  • The application will remain functional until a date in 2024.
  • to the new app

    Users of Google Podcasts will have the option to transfer their current subscriptions to the updated application.

If you enjoyed having your podcasts and music kept separate, you may not be pleased with the latest update. Google has announced that they will be shutting down the Google Podcasts app in the upcoming year and will instead integrate podcasts into YouTube Music. This decision will only add to the ongoing debate between YouTube Music and Spotify.

Google has recently revealed in a blog post that they will be discontinuing their app, Google Podcasts. The app will still be functional until 2024, but the company has not specified an exact date for its shutdown.