Sunday, June 23, 2024


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Google is aggressively targeting Apple with their latest video criticizing iMessage.

Google has been urging Apple to embrace Rich Communication Services (RCS), a messaging standard that would eliminate the issue of green bubbles and enable Android users to engage in modern messaging with Apple users. In an effort to convince Apple, Google created a website last year called “Get the message” which promotes the adoption of RCS. However, Apple remains unfazed by Google’s persistent jabs. In a recent move, Google has released a video that compares Apple’s messaging standards to those of pagers.

The video features a fictitious product known as iPager, allegedly utilizing outdated messaging technology similar to Apple’s methods of texting with Android. Google criticizes Apple for their lack of innovation and claims it is causing issues with modern technology.

Google claims that iPhones’ lack of support for RCS is the reason for zero encryption, malfunctioning group chats between Apple and Android users, low-quality videos, and the dreaded green bubble. They believe it is time to move away from SMS.

What is the reason for the controversy surrounding Apple and Google’s RCS?

The difference between iMessage green bubbles and blue bubbles when texting is a widely observed phenomenon in the United States. iPhone users primarily use Apple’s messaging platform to communicate, rather than using apps like WhatsApp or Telegram which offer more advanced messaging features like RCS that are accessible to all users. As a result, Android users do not have access to the same messaging capabilities as iPhone users.

Google stated in a press release sent to Android Authority that if Apple were to embrace RCS, they would be aligning with the rest of the mobile industry’s efforts to enhance the messaging experience for all platforms.

Can Google’s approach of publicly criticizing Apple for not implementing RCS persuade Apple to reconsider? It’s uncertain. The European Digital Markets Act could potentially impact Apple’s stance on RCS. This law would classify certain platforms as “gatekeepers,” requiring them to allow competition from other services and apps. However, Apple is objecting to the inclusion of iMessage as a gatekeeper service. The company claims that iMessage is not widely used enough in the EU to warrant this designation.

If you are interested in testing out RCS messaging on iPhones, you can attempt to access the Beeper app. This is the initial chat app for iOS that supports RCS.