Wednesday, June 12, 2024


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Google has created a Gboard hat that can type, making the new Pixels irrelevant.

  • Google Japan has created a Gboard cap that functions as a keyboard and provides sun protection.

  • You have the ability to create the hat on your own using a 3D printer or even cardboard.

  • It is a device that will definitely catch your attention.

Google Japan has recently introduced a new DIY creation in the form of a hat resembling a large keycap. While it may not be available for purchase, instructions on how to create one yourself have been provided for those who are interested.

How does this impressive device function? The Gboard team at Google Japan has released a video detailing its operation. In short, the user wears the Gboard hat and tilts it from left to right. The characters on the device adjust accordingly to the angle of the head, and then the user presses the device to confirm the input.