Saturday, April 20, 2024


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Despite the delay of the stable version, Google has released the beta version of Android 14 QPR1.

Android 14 logo stock photo 8


The author of this piece is Edgar Cervantes from Android Authority.

  • Google has recently launched Android 14 QPR1 for Pixel devices.

  • Google has yet to release the stable version of Android 14.
  • The QPR1 update is projected to release in December as the stable version.

Google was expected to release the stable version of Android 14 weeks ago, but the company delayed the rollout at the last minute. It’s now expected that the stable version of Android 14 will debut when the Pixel 8 launches in October. Despite delaying the update, Google has surprisingly pushed out the QPR1 beta of Android 14.

Google has recently released the initial beta version of their Quarterly Platform Release for Android 14, which is currently not officially available. This beta can be accessed on Pixel phones.