Friday, June 21, 2024


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and other Android phones The convenient Magnifier app from Google is now accessible on Pixels and other Android devices.

Google Magnifier app resized


Hadlee Simons, a writer for Android Authority.

  • The Magnifier app has been released by Google for Pixel phones.

  • This application enables you to effortlessly view distant text, such as menus and airport signage.

  • The Magnifier function is compatible with the Pixel 5 and newer models.

Google had a lot to share during its event for the launch of the Pixel 8 series. One of the useful features it unveiled was the Magnifier app. Fortunately, it is now accessible for Pixel users without much delay.

The Magnifier application is now available on the Play Store (credit: Mishaal Rahman and Threads user @_better_be_me), enabling you to magnify distant signs and text. Google specifically mentions street signs or menus behind a counter as potential uses.