Tuesday, June 11, 2024


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A well-known film actor was spotted using a OnePlus Open device.

OnePlus Open Being Used by Anushka Sharma in car

Credit: Instagram / Viral Bhayani
  • Paparazzi recently caught Indian actress Anushka Sharma using a OnePlus Open.

  • The Open is the initial foldable phone from the company and has not yet been released.

  • It seems that Sharma has no prior experience with foldable devices, indicating that OnePlus most likely orchestrated this scenario.

In October, OnePlus will release its inaugural foldable smartphone. Surprisingly, a video has surfaced of a well-known Indian actor using the phone, weeks before its official launch.

Actress Anushka Sharma was seen using the OnePlus Open while riding in a car. As the vehicle left a parking area, photographers crowded around, attempting to capture photos of Sharma. To everyone’s surprise, Sharma had the OnePlus foldable device in her hand. The video can be found on Viral Bhayani’s Instagram account, an Indian paparazzo, but we have provided some screenshots for your convenience.