Sunday, May 19, 2024


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A massive (unintentional) breach has exposed new Xbox gaming systems, and additional updates.

Joes Xbox Series X 2

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • A file that was mistakenly left unredacted has uncovered Microsoft’s updated Xbox consoles.

  • The records outline the updated versions of Microsoft’s Xbox Series S, Series X, and controller.

  • The upcoming Series X console appears to be removing its disc drive.

It is not unusual for gaming console producers to introduce a new version during a generation, which may have a different appearance or smaller components for better heat control. But, a legal document that has not been censored has provided us with a thorough glimpse at the upcoming revisions for Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Series X.

The Federal Trade Commission released unedited records from Microsoft, thanks to ResetEra, revealing the updated Xbox Series S (code named Ellewood) and an updated Xbox Series X (code named Brooklin). The records were later edited, but not before X users and media sources captured images.

Firstly, we have a glimpse of the improved Xbox Series X, which has a cylindrical shape this time. The upgraded console will not have a disc drive, but it will have 2TB of internal storage and a 6nm chip for lower power usage (compared to 7nm). It is priced at $499, the same as the current Series X. See the picture below.

Xbox Series X Brooklin ResetEra

Credit: ResetEra

The updated Xbox Series S model has a similar appearance to the current console. However, Microsoft is increasing the internal storage from 512GB to 1TB. The new version will be sold for the same price of $299 as the current console. See the picture below.

Xbox Series S Ellewood ResetEra

Credit: ResetEra

The two gaming systems will both utilize Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6E, and a newly designed controller named Sebile which costs $69. This controller will include an accelerometer (usually used for gyroscopic controls), as well as Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility, quieter buttons and joysticks, and the ability to activate by lifting.

Xbox Sebile controller ResetEra

Credit: ResetEra

The unredacted papers reveal that there will be an announcement in June/July 2024, with the updated Xbox Series S being released in August 2024 and the updated Xbox Series X arriving in October. The new controller is scheduled to debut in May 2024. The documents from Microsoft also mention a Black Friday 2024 deal of $199 for the current 512GB Xbox Series S model.

Unfortunately, we are disappointed that the updated Xbox Series X will not include a disc drive. This will be an issue for those who need it for physical copies of Xbox Series games and for backwards compatibility with certain retro Xbox games that only work with physical discs. As a result, those with a large physical game collection or those who value preserving games may prefer to stick with the current version of the Series X.