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When was the last time Lebron James and Kevin Durant played against each other? Let’s reflect on their memorable Christmas Day matchup before the Lakers’ preseason game against the Suns.

The NBA is an exciting league where fans seldom express disappointment in not witnessing a showdown between the league’s biggest stars. LeBron James and Kevin Durant have faced off numerous times in their impressive careers. However, when was the most recent instance of them going head to head, and who emerged victorious? Prepare to be surprised by the answer.

The Preseason match between the Lakers and the Suns is a significant occasion. While it may not impact the regular season, it will offer a glimpse into the future of the Western Conference.

Can you recall which team KD was on during his last game against LeBron?

In the last encounter between Kevin Durant and LeBron, Durant displayed a fierce competitive spirit. This memorable game took place on Christmas day in 2018. It may come as a surprise that these two superstar players have not faced each other for nearly 5 years, but with the constantly changing landscape of the NBA, it is easy to miss such events. The league is filled with talented rising stars, making it difficult to choose a favorite. However, LeBron remains the undeniable King, and in the playoffs, Durant proved to be his ultimate weakness. This highly anticipated matchup always brings excitement. Take a look at the highlights below to see how LeBron’s Lakers dominated with a final score of 127-101 against Durant’s Warriors.

During the game mentioned above, LeBron’s playtime was limited to just 21 minutes due to an injury. This was a troubling indication for the Warriors, who also faced defeat in the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors due to injuries. Kevin Durant suffered an Achilles tear and Klay Thompson had an ACL tear during a crucial game. Both players missed the entire following season to recover from their injuries. As a result, Kevin Durant eventually left the Warriors to team up with Kyrie in Brooklyn.

What about now?

Kevin Durant has returned to the Western Conference as a member of the Phoenix Suns, while LeBron James remains with the Lakers. Each team boasts exceptional talent, and if all players were to compete, we would witness a showdown between stars such as Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal, and Devin Booker, in addition to the King and KD.

The owner of the Warriors, who is worth $1.8 billion, anticipates a warm welcome for Kevin Durant as he returns to the Bay Area after leaving 4 years ago.

The upcoming Suns-Lakers game has the intensity of an All-Star game, but with significant implications for their championship aspirations. However, it begs the question: how will the Warriors, with whom KD won his first championship, factor into this season? If the preseason is any indication, the Dubs are starting off strong with a perfect 4-0 record.

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