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What is the duration of Ja Morant’s suspension? Is the two-time All-Star allowed to practice with the team during his $7.6 million ban?

Ja Morant is highly regarded as a promising player in the NBA. He is recognized as a top talent among the rising superstars of the league. With his incredible speed, explosive moves like Derrick Rose, and graceful finesse similar to Kyrie Irving, he has gained a dedicated fan base. In addition, his ability to dunk over taller opponents has made him a popular highlight reel. Despite his success, Ja Morant has also experienced the less glamorous aspects of being a star, which includes being held accountable as a role model, especially for young people.

At the end of the previous season, Morant received criticism for a post on social media where he was seen holding a gun. As a result, the Memphis Grizzlies decided to suspend him for several games. However, Morant’s issues did not stop there. He was once again seen with a firearm in an Instagram post a few months later. This led to the NBA taking stronger action, resulting in a 25-game suspension for the talented point guard.

On December 19th, Ja Morant will make a comeback, but as a result, he will no longer be eligible for any NBA awards and will lose $7.5 million.

The suspension of Ja is a major setback for the Memphis Grizzlies, who placed second in the Western Conference last season. As a result, they will have to manage a significant portion of the upcoming season without their top player.

Ja Morant will be suspended for the first 25 games of the 2023-24 regular season. As a result, he will not be able to play until December 19 in a match against the New Orleans Pelicans. The suspension also includes a financial penalty, with Morant losing approximately $300,000 for each game missed during the suspension. This adds up to a total loss of $7.5 million. Additionally, Morant’s suspension means that he will not be eligible for any end-of-season awards in 2024, such as MVP or all-NBA honors, as he will not have played the required minimum of 65 games.

After LeBron James put together a team of top players for the Paris Olympics, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are now prepared to reassert Team USA’s dominance.

Morant’s behavior, even without any legal consequences, has significant consequences. This is a major concern as the country has been struggling with a significant issue of gun violence. As one of the leading figures in the NBA, Morant serves as a role model for the younger generation without even realizing it.

Morant will participate in practice and accompany the Memphis Grizzlies on their travels.

At first, it was announced that Ja Morant is not allowed to take part in any activities related to the team. This included games before the regular season, practice games, and other events for the entire length of his suspension. However, in a recent interview, the Grizzlies’ head coach has clarified this statement. He states that Ja Morant will be present for team practices and may even accompany them on their travels during his suspension.

Additionally, the Grizzlies’ GM, Zach Kleiman, stated that the NBA has given approval for Morant to join and potentially play with the team during this time.

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Although Morant is able to participate in the preseason, Memphis has other intentions. Jenkins states that Morant will not be practicing with the starting lineup during training camp. This decision is based on the team’s desire to get ready for the season without Morant.

What is the duration of Ja Morant’s suspension? Is he allowed to train with his team while being banned for $7.6 million?