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There is a lot of enthusiasm within AEW to successfully recruit a 48-year-old wrestler who was recently released from WWE.

In September, WWE was acquired by Endeavour Group Holdings, resulting in a significant merger in the world of sports entertainment. The two companies, WWE and UFC, now operate under the same banner, TKO Group Holdings. Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived as the parent organization made the decision to lay off numerous employees and talent.

In late September, many stars like Dolph Ziggler, Mace and Mansoor, Matt Riddle, and many more were let go due to apparent budget cuts. Meanwhile,

According to reports, AEW is currently in the process of recruiting a 48-year-old celebrity who recently debuted.

AEW is excited to receive…

The individual being discussed is Shelton Benjamin, a performer who had to leave WWE after the merger. However, it has been reported that AEW had been interested in Benjamin for quite some time and was eager to bring him on board.

Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp reports that AEW has been monitoring Benjamin for several months. This interest began when rumors circulated about his WWE contract potentially expiring.

Ever since then, there have been numerous AEW performers who expressed a desire to collaborate with him and have been advocating for his signing with the promotion based in Jacksonville. Despite the rumors being proven false, their interest in him remained.

The individual who held the Intercontinental Champion title twice has been a member of WWE since 2000. He gained recognition by defeating Triple H multiple times. He also emerged victorious against Chris Jericho and Ric Flair to secure the Intercontinental Championship.

He decided to take a break and explore opportunities in ECW and NJPW, but eventually returned to WWE in 2017. He joined the RAW roster and formed a tag team with Chad Gable.

Despite a $21.4 billion TKO merger, Vince McMahon was unable to achieve his goals in his latest business venture.

Following a prosperous career, he now has a wealth of opportunities at his disposal after being released. His former tag team partner is even interested in reuniting for a match against AEW’s FTR.

‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’ strikes again

At the start of their WWE careers, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were partners in the ring and were known as ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’. They were also aligned with Kurt Angle. Recently, Haas revealed his wish to reunite with Benjamin for another round of tag team competition during a virtual event.

He confessed his desire to face AEW’s well-known tag teams, FTR and The Young Bucks. Despite retiring in 2013 due to health problems, it’s possible he may come back.

There are rumors that AEW is seeking to hire additional producers to join their team. This could mean that the tag team duo may have a chance to work on tag team matches for AEW behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, followers will need to be patient for any updates, since all the wrestlers who have been let go by WWE are obligated to a 90-day contract that prohibits them from competing elsewhere during that time.

Do you think it would be a good idea for Shelton Benjamin to join AEW and focus on organizing tag team matches, or would you prefer to see him compete individually? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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AEW has received strong backing to sign a 48-year-old star, just days after his release from WWE.