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The world of football was struck by lightning when players and officials from Charlemont and Dinthill were rushed to receive medical treatment after being electrocuted.

There are few tragedies that can compare to the destruction that occurred on that fateful Tuesday afternoon. It was a somber reminder of a traumatic event that affected an entire soccer team in 1998. Furthermore, it has claimed the lives of numerous young athletes. This Tuesday, as aspiring athletes chased their daCosta Cup aspirations, fate took a dark twist.

The match came to an unexpected end when a horrifying event caused a ripple of fear among the audience, leaving them in a state of distress. In a strange turn of events, multiple players were struck by lightning at the same time, causing chaos amongst the spectators.

Many players were injured by terrifying lightning strikes.

On Tuesday afternoon, during the Charlemont vs. Dinthill daCosta Cup match in St. Catherine, a terrifying situation unfolded involving six players and an assistant referee. Reports indicate that just 30 minutes after the 3:30 p.m. start time at Charlemont soccer field, lightning struck.

After a rainstorm in Costa Rica, there were dark clouds in the sky. As a result of the storm, any players who were hurt and a referee were quickly taken to Linstead Hospital. According to sources at the hospital, they will be closely monitored until the doctors determine they are well enough to leave.

After a surprising turn of events, a group representing victims of lightning strikes is now criticizing Drew Brees and an advertisement they deem as inappropriate.

Unfortunately, this is not the initial instance of such a disaster happening during a match. A chilling instance dates back to 1998 when a complete football team suffered a catastrophic outcome as a result of a lightning strike.

What happened in 1998?

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there was a tragic event involving Bena Tshadi that set a record for lightning strikes. While playing a friendly match in October 1998, all eleven players on the team were killed and many spectators were injured when lightning struck without warning. This occurred in the eastern province of Kasai during a 1-1 draw between Bena Tshadi and Basanga.

Elden Ring

According to L’Avenir, a newspaper in Kinshasa, 11 young people between the ages of 20 and 35 were killed by lightning while playing a football match. Additionally, 30 others sustained burns. Surprisingly, the athletes from Basanga were unscathed by the tragedy. Some believed it was due to black magic, a common belief in central and western Africa. However, local reports and newspapers confirmed that it was a lightning strike, highlighting the risk it presents to those in the sports world.

According to data, about 10% of people who are struck by lightning do not survive, and the remaining 90% experience different levels of disability. In the world of the National Football League, Doug Miller, a former player for the San Diego Chargers, passed away in 1998 after being struck by lightning twice during a trip in Colorado. In light of these heartbreaking events, our thoughts and prayers are with the young schoolboy players in Costa Rica.

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The football world was rocked by a sudden lightning strike, causing players and officials from Charlemont and Dinthill to be rushed for medical treatment. This news was reported by EssentiallySports.