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The video of Francis Ngannou training with a former opponent of Anthony Joshua under the guidance of Mike Tyson has become popular online.

Francis Ngannou is putting in maximum effort to prepare for his upcoming match against world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. A recent video from FightHub TV shows Ngannou sparring with Carlos Takam, who previously fought against Anthony Joshua. The highly awaited fight is scheduled for October 28, and is expected to draw a large live audience at the stadium and millions of viewers around the world.

Even though Fury is recognized as a heavyweight champion of the world, this will be Ngannou’s first time competing in the sport of boxing. With a strong ability to deliver powerful punches, Ngannou has successfully knocked out 12 out of 20 opponents. It is worth noting that he has been receiving training from the renowned Mike Tyson, which has further improved his readiness for the upcoming match. How did the practice session between the two fighters turn out?

Francis Ngannou is trying to increase his chances of success.

The footage shows two individuals inside a boxing ring, sizing each other up and searching for an opportunity to strike. Mike Tyson stands near the ropes with a teammate, satisfied with his student’s performance. In addition to the sparring, they also engage in some inaudible dialogue, likely related to the training session.

“When discussing Francis Ngannou, the first thing we think of is his incredible strength. He holds the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the hardest puncher alive, with his punches being compared to the impact of a medium-sized car accident,” stated a member of his team, displaying confidence in Ngannou’s punching ability. In regards to his training, the team member explained, “It’s all about accuracy, placement, and timing, which are the areas we have been focusing on.” Ngannou has already impressed Tyson with his impressive learning speed and strength. We have yet to see how he will utilize these skills in the ring.

for Deontay Wilder rematch

Fury’s preparation for the rematch against Wilder

Boxing champion Tyson Fury is preparing for a fierce fight against Francis Ngannou. He has labeled the upcoming match as a “battle royale.” Despite joking about his weight, Fury looked noticeably toned compared to his usual off-season physique. During an interview with DAZN, the 35-year-old highlighted his intense training regimen. He has been consistently training for nine weeks in order to put on a spectacular performance for his fans.

Mike Tyson recently provided a candid review of Francis Ngannou’s skills as his trainer for the upcoming Tyson Fury fight, despite being initially impressed.

Fury is currently the top pick to win. However, he acknowledged the significant danger posed by Ngannou’s strong punches and his impressive MMA record. He emphasized his unwavering commitment and credited his 15-year undefeated streak to his thorough preparation.

Both competitors are taking the impending fight seriously. They have dedicated themselves to training properly and are determined to give their opponents a challenging battle. The victor will be determined on October 28th. Are you eagerly anticipating the ultimate showdown?

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The news of Francis Ngannou sparring with a former opponent of Anthony Joshua, under the guidance of Mike Tyson, has become popular on the internet.