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The snooker player, Supergiant, showed his admiration for Novak Djokovic by giving him the title of ‘Champion of Champions’.

When a famous superstar honors another, it connects with the shared dedication, sacrifice, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence that defines sports. A snooker supergiant recently paused for a minute to channel his inner fanboy. According to a popular tweet on X, the snooker legend crowned a wonderful title to Serbian tennis whiz Novak Djokovic – a ‘champion of champions.’

The legendary snooker player’s admiration for Djokovic goes beyond their individual sports. He deeply values Djokovic’s strengths, work ethic, and unwavering confidence. His own journey to becoming a snooker star shares similarities with Nole’s impressive rise in the world of tennis.

The “Rocket” from snooker expressed sincere admiration for the Serbian GOAT, Novak Djokovic.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, often referred to as the ‘Rocket’ in the world of snooker for his fast-paced playing style, recently revealed some intriguing information about his admiration for tennis legend Novak Djokovic. According to a popular post on X, the snooker champion shared a heartfelt message about the tennis giant, showcasing a sentiment shared by sports fans globally that transcends the boundaries of snooker and tennis.

During the interview, O’Sullivan praised Djokovic for his remarkable achievements. He also had kind words for the 24-time Grand Slam winner, admiring his impressive abilities and charming personality.

Both the legends share a passion for their respective sports that transcends mere competition. They exemplify the quest for excellence, the relentless quest for improvement, and the hunger for success. Sullivan shared, “Whether you play football or golf, tennis or hockey, no matter what sport you play, everyone looks at Djokovic.”

The dominant snooker player also stated, “He is among the top athletes in any sport… he is truly a champion among champions.”

Djokovic and O’Sullivan share a strong friendship, with Djokovic looking up to O’Sullivan as both a skilled player and a source of motivation for others to strive for greatness. Their connection showcases the universal language of sports, where respect and admiration transcend all boundaries and fields.

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Some athletes transcend their role as ambassadors for their sport and become guiding beacons for other players. Novak Djokovic’s influence extends beyond tennis, as he inspires athletes in all sports with his formula for success, which is rooted in diligence and self-confidence.

Djokovic stands apart for his noteworthy accomplishments and his consistent high-level performances. His self-assurance in hard stretches, capacity to return from tough spots, and unfaltering concentration in crucial moments make him a genuine champion.


A couple of weeks ago, O’Sullivan praised the Serbian as the greatest athlete of all time.

In the month of April, the well-known 47-year-old player of snooker participated in a special interview with Eurosport. O’Sullivan discussed his opinions on the top-ranked tennis player in the world and showed admiration for Novak Djokovic. He also expressed his fascination with the ‘Big 3’ in tennis. O’Sullivan made it clear that Djokovic serves as a major source of inspiration for athletes in different sports. The snooker star stated that Djokovic is the ultimate ruler and the most exceptional athlete ever.

O’Sullivan discovers a strong friendship and role model in Djokovic, someone who defies odds and consistently excels. Their connection serves as a reminder that the pursuit of greatness has no boundaries. Additionally, champions from all fields share a common understanding of dedication and hard work.

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