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The father of Xander Schauffele expresses anger and shame as he confesses to an ugly incident during the PGA in the midst of his son’s tragic loss.

The initial indications of a storm were evident. Initially, two members of the team USA were absent during their visit to observe Marco Simone. This was followed by a shocking report stating that the USA team is internally divided. And now, a significant update from Xander Schauffele’s father, Stefan Schauffele, has surfaced, further intensifying the situation.

Stefan Schauffele, who is known for being cheerful, has strongly criticized the PGA of America for their disgraceful behavior. According to reports, the PGA was unresponsive when Schauffele and his friend Patrick Cantlay tried to make changes to their player contract. The PGA allegedly threatened to remove Schauffele, who is currently ranked no.6 in the world, from the team unless he agreed to sign the contract without any alterations.

’s Seth Wa

Xander Schauffele’s dad accuses Seth Wa from the PGA of America of making false claims.

The pair found themselves in the center of controversy when rumors surfaced that they were requesting payment to play for the USA team in the Ryder Cup. While Cantlay has denied these claims multiple times, Schauffele’s father has stated that both players wanted revisions to the player participation and contract terms proposed by the PGA of America.

Allegedly, the contract stated that Netflix would have permission to film inside the US locker room for the second part of their “Full Swing” documentary. However, the current fifth and sixth ranked players in the world expressed their worries about this and a vote was held. The decision was unanimously made to prohibit the cameras from entering the USA locker room.

Stefan was upset by the lack of communication from the PGA of America. Bunkered reported that he stated, “The PGA of America refused to discuss the amendments with us.” He claimed that they only told him his son would be removed from the team if he didn’t sign the agreement.

Ryder Cup

The 2023 Ryder Cup, to be held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome, Italy on September 26, 2023, saw Team USA’s Patrick Cantlay, Jordan Spieth, and Xander Schauffele participating in a practice round. The photo was captured by Phil Noble for REUTERS.

In early September, they finally reached an agreement to exchange contact information with the PGA’s legal representative. The process of resolving the dispute only took a few hours. However, Xander Schauffele’s family had to endure a lot of trouble for these small changes, which he expressed his displeasure about: “I was later told that Xander was back on the team. You can quote me on that. This is all there is to it and I believe it is disgraceful.”

of the playoffs

Schauffele and Cantlay have been involved in a controversial situation since the start of the playoffs.

Before the tournament even started, Schauffele and Cantlay have been under scrutiny for various reasons. They were the only two players not present during the USA team’s scouting trips, and their disapproval of the Netflix documentary has also garnered attention. Additionally, comments made by Schauffele’s father have added support to their stance.

Xander Schauffele chose a LIV golfer over his teammates and became an imposter in mere seconds.

Xander Schauffele quickly became an imposter when he chose a LIV golfer instead of his teammates.

Unfortunately for the pair, a British news source reported that Cantlay and Schauffele have isolated themselves from the team. Supposedly, Cantlay requested payment for participating in the Ryder Cup, and his fellow seven-time PGA Tour champion supported him. Undoubtedly, this was a week to forget for Team USA. It seems that controversies are still plaguing them after their disappointing performance at the Ryder Cup. These remarks only add salt to the wound.

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Xander Schauffele’s father expresses anger and guilt surrounding his son’s recent loss in the PGA.