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The criticism of Simone Biles’ historic win as “bullsh*t” by a critic is dismissed by the gymnastics community, stating it is not deserved.

On the second day of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, there were several noteworthy events that captured the attention of the internet. Leanne Wong’s impressive performance on the Bars and Beam, Shilese Jones’ intense competition with a foreign rival, and Simone Biles’ groundbreaking achievement of successfully landing a difficult vault known as YDP all caused a buzz online. The first day of women’s qualifications was truly thrilling for fans.

Nevertheless, the critics also made their presence known on the other side of the confrontation. The renaming of the vault to “Biles II” by the FIG authorities sparked excitement among fans. A recent social media post from the gymnastics community has reignited the critics, who have joined the conversation to make an impact.

In 2023, Simone Biles achieved success at the World Artistic Gymnastics event and gained widespread attention on social media with a viral post.

In 2021, Simone Biles made a lasting impact on the world of gymnastics. The legendary gymnast successfully performed the Yurchenko double pike vault, known as one of the most difficult variations requiring two flips in a pike position. Two years later, at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 2023, Biles introduced a new element called “Biles II.” This season, she has earned numerous accolades and this notable accomplishment marks her fifth element named after her, putting her halfway towards matching the Russian record. Prior to this, four elements already bore her name on the vault, balance beam, and floor exercise. With the addition of “Biles II,” she now shares the same status as iconic Russian gymnast Nellie Kim, who has a total of seven named elements in the Code of Points. Once again, Biles has shown why she is considered the greatest of all time, solidifying her legacy in the world of gymnastics.

Simone Biles

On August 25, 2023, Simone Biles performed on the balance beam at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in San Jose, California’s SAP Center. The event was captured in a photo by Ezra Shaw.

After NBC Olympics shared the news about Simone Biles’ remarkable accomplishment and the vault being renamed in her honor, a critic on Twitter, known as “reallybrenton,” left a comment. The individual questioned the copyright of the vault name and argued that Biles was not the first woman to perform the feat or invent it. The use of “Biles II” was deemed as “unfair,” sparking a heated discussion in the comments. The critique centers around whether Biles truly deserves this recognition for her achievements. See below for the critic’s comment.

This is not just a passionate comment from fans, but also a collection of both insightful and unclear thoughts about the recent contributions of the legends.

The chat has been flooded with reactions from critics.

The responses are incredibly remarkable. The comments are amazed by the support, but also unable to believe that some fans are criticizing her “unworthy renaming” and questioning the authorities.

“Simone Biles continues to make strides as she prepares for the upcoming Paris Olympics, but with a sense of unease in the air. After her incredible comeback, she moves forward with caution.”

One of the fans went abruptly to the main reaction of “reallybrenton” and commented,

Another individual expressing their support for Biles states, “

But, reallybrenton has more to add, the critic states,

Unfortunately, Suni Lee was unable to witness Simone Biles’ incredible accomplishment due to circumstances beyond her control. However, she made up for her absence by sharing a heartfelt update.

Suni Lee was unable to witness Simone Biles’ historic feat, but she compensated for her absence by providing a heartfelt update.

Another individual joined the group to provide additional information and said,

Finally, a different fan shared their thoughts on what the critic may not be aware of.

The response to the renaming of the vault in honor of Simone Biles shows a variety of viewpoints. Some criticize the choice, highlighting the vault’s history and technical aspects. Others are in favor of the renaming, acknowledging Biles as the top gymnast. This conversation demonstrates the fervor and range of opinions within the gymnastics world.

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