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“The complexity of bald individuals led to Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag was criticized by Arturo Vidal.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second spell with Manchester United was a chapter many would like to erase from his career. CR7 expressed a challenging relationship with coach Erik ten Hag and the management which led to his contract being terminated by the Red Devils. Recently, Chilean soccer star Arturo Vidal criticized the Dutch coach and raised concerns about his choices regarding Ronaldo’s role in the 2022-23 season.

Earlier, Ronnie shared details about his disagreement with the United manager during a controversial interview with Piers Morgan. The captain from Portugal had emphasized the lack of chances to play under ten Hag. In the meantime, Vidal sparked this controversy again by criticizing the former Ajax coach in an interview.

Arturo Vidal criticizes ten Hag for his opinion on CR7

During his second period with Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 27 goals in 54 games. Despite having numerous appearances as a substitute or being substituted out, he frequently expressed his disagreement with Ten Hag’s decisions and even refused to play at times. This led to Arturo Vidal questioning the manager’s choices.

The former Barcelona player had a difficult time understanding the Dutch coach’s decision to remove Ronaldo despite his impressive performances. In an interview, Vidal expressed his frustration, stating, “That coach came in with a negative attitude. How could he remove Cristiano Ronaldo? That’s how these guys are. Ronaldo was the top scorer and they take him out. Bald guys can be very complicated.”

Nevertheless, ten Hag was convinced that having Ronaldo on the team provided a sense of security during the second half of the game. He stood firm in his choice, causing CR7 to be visibly angry. In the aftermath of such a chaotic situation, the 38-year-old shared his perspective in a private conversation with Piers Morgan.

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During an appearance on Pier Morgan’s show, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his frustration.

CR7 was fed up with his second stint at Manchester United. Despite his unwavering determination, he was unable to secure a transfer to the Red Devils. He felt disrespected by the club officials for not recognizing his hard work in training and on the field. As a result, the legendary player expressed his frustration towards both the club and the manager during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show.

The coach of the United team did not want him to be a part of the team, as shown by his behavior towards the talented Portuguese player. In an interview with Morgan, CR7 stated, “I do not have respect for him [Ten Hag] because he does not show respect for me. If someone does not show me respect, I will not show them respect either. I felt deceived. I believe that certain individuals did not want me here, not just this year but also last season.”

However, Ronaldo’s fortunes have dramatically turned following his ecstatic season with Al Nassr. Ronnie is already the second-highest goal scorer of 2023 with 34 goals. Fans anticipate more such resounding performances from CR7 as they face Ohod in today’s Kings Cup knockout stage match.

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