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The American Judoka’s incredible Ippon surprises the Japanese champion, earning a place in the final of the Junior World Championship.

The tale began when the USA team made a last-minute decision to add a new member who had not previously competed in Europe. Despite this, he proved to be a great asset to the team as he achieved a groundbreaking feat by becoming the first American man to place on the junior world podium. Similarly, his accomplishment has been added to the list of USA’s achievements in the last thirty years.

Additionally, the reigning champion of the Junior World Judo Championship has achieved yet another victory. This past Thursday, the American judoka earned their second consecutive medal, a silver. During the competition, they also advanced to the finals and surprised their opponent with an Ippon.

How did the young prodigy become proficient in Ippon during the semifinals?

Jack Yonezuka is ranked 3rd in the Junior World rankings worldwide, making him one of the top Judokas in the world. He had a bye in the first round and then faced Vinicius Ardina, who won bronze at the 2023 Junior Am and Oceania championships.

During a recent interview with USA Today, Judo Yonezuka shared his thoughts. said, 

“The initial encounter is always the most challenging for me. I have previously faced this opponent and was aware that his style presented a tough challenge, but I was confident in my ability to emerge victorious.” He also added, 

“I was surprised that the match ended up being focused on newaza because in the past, it hasn’t worked out well for me. However, I managed to make it work this time. I calmed my nerves and focused on the next match.”


But as the competition progressed, he achieved an exciting win with a waza-ari (half-point) in the last few seconds. In the following round, he effectively used his skills to subdue Muhiddin Asadulloev (TJK) in under a minute. During the quarter-finals, Yonezuka successfully threw Mouhammad Gazaloev (BEL) for an ippon.

However, Yonezuka competed against Keito Kihara the day after Japan won the majority of the lightweight gold medals. During the golden score round, Yonezuka took advantage of an opening and threw Kihara for an additional point, securing his spot in the finals. Despite a tough fight, the talented young judoka was able to make a memorable mark in the history of Judo. Furthermore, American Judoka Jack Yonezuka displayed his impressive abilities by skillfully maneuvering and executing a remarkable ippon on the Japanese champion, ultimately winning the match.

The Final Match of Jack Yonezuka’s Quest for the World Junior Championship Title

Despite Jack Yonezuka’s strong showing at the World Junior Championships, he was unable to secure the title. In contrast, the first half of the final match ended in a tie between the two competitors. However, the second half of the match took a surprising turn when Vusal Galandarzade made an impressive move while attempting to grab Jack.

“Read about the impressive performance of USA veterans at the Pan American Judo Championship, as they left the audience amazed with a total of 13 medals on the first day.”

In the end, Jack had to accept second place as Vusal Galandarzade became the world champion. Despite not achieving gold, Jack was the first American man in thirty years to win a silver medal. However, the talented young judoka’s abilities are far from reaching their peak.

In addition to being a standout performer for the USA’s judo team, Jack has also established himself as one of the world’s top champions. However, the main obstacle for this young judoka is overcoming his failures in order to achieve gold in the upcoming championships.

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USA’s Judo star stuns Japanese champion with incredible Ippon, earns spot in Junior World Championship Final.