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The 43-year-old golfer found motivation from Novak Djokovic and successfully made a crucial putt during the Ryder Cup.

Novak Djokovic is known not only for his dominance on the tennis court, but also for his compassionate nature. The Serbian athlete, who has been a top player in tennis for over ten years, is always willing to support his fellow players and provide them with motivation. Despite currently being on a break from tennis, Djokovic was recently seen participating in the Ryder Cup.

During a recent event, golfer Justin Rose expressed his gratitude towards his Serbian counterpart for providing words of encouragement that ultimately helped him make a critical putt during their match. He also mentioned how the support from those around him gave him the boost of confidence to perform at his best.

Novak Djokovic shares a piece of advice with golfer Justin Rose.

During the Ryder Cup, golfer Justin Rose found inspiration in Novak Djokovic’s words and used it to make a crucial putt. Known for his generosity, Djokovic also displayed his character on the golf course by offering assistance to others.

Rose recalled Djokovic’s advice to use others as motivation on the course. With this in mind, he confidently sank an impressive putt, attributing his success to the support of 10 people cheering him on. He dedicated the putt to them as well.

Therefore, this was a remarkable display of sportsmanship from Serbian icon Novak Djokovic. In a pivotal moment during the match, Djokovic assisted Rose in gaining necessary confidence, resulting in securing a crucial point and restoring his much-needed self-assurance.

Novak Djokovic, who has been out of the tennis court for a while is not only being a source of inspiration for his fellow competitors but his behind-the-scenes also never fails to surprise anyone. In a recently uploaded video on Instagram, the hilarious side of the Serbian, which is mostly visible on the tennis courts was seen on the golf course as well.

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The behind-the-scenes actions of Djokovic garner the interest of both his fans and his wife, Jelena.

The well-known tennis player, Novak Djokovic, is known for his playful personality, and this is no secret to any fan of the sport. A fan page on Instagram recently shared some of the most entertaining behind-the-scenes moments of the Djoker.

Similar to his regular tennis matches, he delighted his fans with a burst of laughter. Not only did his fans appreciate it, but his wife also expressed her approval with a laughing emoji in the comments. These are the moments that his fans hold dear. Furthermore, Novak Djokovic’s kind gesture towards Justin showcases his mindset of always assisting others in any way he can.

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A 43-year-old golfer was inspired by Novak Djokovic as he made a crucial putt at the Ryder Cup.