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The 33-year-old WWE star is confident that if he had reached out to Dominik Mysterio at No Mercy, he would still be the champion.

Dominik Mysterio was the undefeated North American NXT champion for more than two

In recent months, there has been a significant shift in events on NXT No Mercy. The 26-year-old performer had their title revoked by up-and-coming NXT talent Trick Williams.

Mysterio is still grieving his defeat, and a 33-year-old celebrity claims he could have assisted in retaining Mysterio’s championship.

Dominik Mysterio’s rescuer

The fans believed that Mysterio’s potential rescuer could have been Rhea Ripley or other members of The Judgment Day group. However, 33-year-old JD McDonagh stated that he would have stepped in to save Dirty Dom’s title if he had received a request from him. McDonagh explained that he would have been willing to help.

“On Judgment Day, I cannot lose when I become involved.”

During the event, the star, along with Rhea Ripley, aided in Damian Priest and Finn Balor’s victory.

The WWE Tag Team Championships were won at WWE Payback. It was mentioned that had Mysterio reached out, they could have still been champions.

If Dom had called me, I am sure he would still be the champion at this moment.

He made a sarcastic remark in a tweet.

After successfully defeating Dragon Lee, Dominik Mysterio suffered a loss just a few days later. Despite his confidence in defeating Trick Williams, things did not go as planned. The presence of Dragon Lee as the guest referee proved to be a disadvantage for the 26-year-old star, as his attacks were unsuccessful. As a result, Trick Williams was able to take the title from him.

JD McDonagh has consistently expressed his desire to join the villainous group. He has provided assistance to the faction on numerous occasions. His strong desire to be a part of the stable may stem from his connection with Finn Balor.


JD McDonagh and Finn Balor are both individuals mentioned in the text.

Irish wrestler, The Irish Ace, not only hails from Ireland like Balor, but also shares a training connection with him. The 42-year-old was once the mentor of McDonagh, along with fellow Irish star Paul Tracey. This could explain McDonagh’s desire to join the heel stable, as he wants to reunite with his former coach and mentor. McDonagh’s recent progress in joining the stable has captured the attention of many.

During the September 4th broadcast of RAW, the group was commemorating their victories at Payback when McDonagh gave Damian Priest a gift. It was a purple Money In The Bank briefcase with the word ‘Senor’ on it. The other members informed him that his membership in the group would be determined by his performance against Sami Zayn. He was successful in defeating Zayn, but there is no confirmation of his acceptance into the stable.

After losing the championship at No Mercy, Dominik Mysterio is joined by Rhea Ripley in embracing the darkness.

Although Dominik Mysterio seems to be greatly impacted by the defeat, it would be intriguing to witness McDonagh’s response when he encounters Mysterio again. Do you believe McDonagh has ulterior motives for joining the faction?

This story features a tearful moment for Rhea Ripley when a 49-year-old WWE legend retired in 2011.

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