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The $15 million WTA Power Project is receiving criticism from fans as discouraging situations arise before the Grand Event.

There was a lot of uncertainty about the location of the WTA Finals this year as the WTA took a while to announce it. Eventually, they chose Cancun, Mexico, which has previously only hosted ITF tournaments. While the tennis community was satisfied with the choice, recent photos of the venue have caused concern among fans. The poor construction has surprised and disappointed many tennis followers, leading them to criticize the WTA on social media.

The WTA has been heavily criticized this year for numerous reasons.Iga Swiatek

The tour organizers have come under fire for their scheduling, causing disruptions for players. As the problems in Cancun continue to mount, it could negatively impact the popularity of the WTA.

Tennis fans believe that the WTA Finals are headed for a negative future.

When Cancun was announced as the location for the WTA Finals, fans were glad that the organization gave them some confirmation. Their happiness would be shortly-lived as the images from the sight would not live up to their standards.

A user on ‘X’ (previously known as Twitter) shared a photo of the stadium being built in its early stages, causing fans to worry about its condition with only a few weeks left until the tournament.

The condition of the stadium is being questioned as the Finals approach, especially with a prize pool of $9 million for the event. The total budget for the event is around $15 million, and it is estimated that $6 million was allocated for the construction of the stadium.

A fan expressed doubt about the construction and asked if anyone should buy tickets or if the picture accurately depicted it.

A single individual recognized that the coverage of tennis in the media was limited, but they continued to emphasize the importance of investigating the apparently careless construction. They also suggested that the WTA should be looked into for their agreements made this year.

A user criticized the Women’s Tennis Association for lack of organization. They also accused them of being unprofessional and urged for a change in leadership. They believed that immediate improvements were necessary.

One user was frightened by the photo, as they believed the structure to be dangerous.

One individual adamantly denied the notion that this was the initial phase of progress.

A person who enjoys tennis initially thought the original poster was joking, but then they double-checked.

Upset by the photo, a fan expressed feeling that female players were not being treated with enough respect throughout the season, and the condition of the construction only exacerbated the issue.

A fan of the Women’s Tennis Association was confused about the decision to reject Prague and choose Cancun instead.

A female tennis enthusiast was surprised by the selection of the venue.

The location is not currently in the process of being built, and the finals will take place on October 29th. The condition of the venue is subpar. It is probable that the arena will be constructed temporarily, but fans are currently dissatisfied with its state. However, this is not the only instance in which the WTA has faced criticism this year.

Coco Gauff, who is set to play in the 2023 Australian Open, recently made a surprising statement about her prize money. She stated that the amount of $6 million should not be the focus, as she addressed the issue of pay disparity.

Iga Swiatek lambasts the WTA for scheduling

Inadequate preparation and insufficient rest can result in a decrease in momentum. Additionally, players often have to compete in two matches per day, which may not be feasible. When asked about her opinions on this issue, Swiatek strongly criticized the WTA and suggested that the priority should be finding ways to improve scheduling and allow players to have some time for relaxation.

She added that the WTA’s leadership is lacking and must take action to support both players and fans. Swiatek is optimistic for improvements in the system. The second-ranked player shares the same view as many sports enthusiasts. With numerous voices expressing their concerns, when will the WTA enact these changes?

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