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Taylor Swift is fully embracing her NFL era by enthusiastically supporting Travis Kelce, while Dave Portnoy repeatedly tells himself a mantra.

Taylor Swift, a popular American singer, has the ability to light up any venue. With a large and devoted fan base, Swift has made a significant impact on NFL games. Her appearances at four games this season have brought an unexpected twist to the usual routine. In addition, Swift has been rumored to be romantically linked to Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. This dynamic duo has caught the attention of a business entrepreneur who can’t help but discuss their success together.

The owner of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, is a man who likes to talk. Known for giving his versatile takes, Portnoy makes sure to entertain fans about the NFL games. If Taylor Swift was seen at Arrowhead Stadium, Dave Portnoy was ready with a tweet to discuss it. This time, he made it clear who was having “fun.” As is obvious by now, Portnoy has his eyes on the singer.

Dave Portnoy believes that an individual is enjoying themselves.

The Chiefs and Chargers faced off in a highly-anticipated Sunday football game. The Chiefs emerged victorious, securing their sixth win of the season on October 22. The final score was 31-17. The stadium was a sea of red, with all attention on Taylor Swift, who was spotted cheering on the Chiefs alongside Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes. The two even performed a special handshake. Dave Portnoy also weighed in, sharing a video on his Twitter page.

The video’s caption read, “Mother is simply having a good time, Dave.” And that wasn’t all. In the footage, Taylor Swift could be seen enjoying the game with Brittany. As the video played, Portnoy could be heard sharing his thoughts in the background, repeatedly chanting the same phrase. He stated, “Mother is having a great time. Mother is having a great time, Dave. She’s just having fun. Brittany is doing well. Mother is having fun. Jackson…don’t talk to Jackson…” The NFL community is closely monitoring Portnoy’s opinions on Swift. But has he discussed Swift before? Most certainly.

Portnoy believes that Swift has returned.

During Taylor Swift’s presence at the stadium, the NFL broadcasts ensure that fans catch a glimpse of her. Fans are captivated by her presence for as long as she stays. However, when Swift was absent during the Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings game in Minneapolis, fans anticipated seeing her at the following game. This all occurred when Swift attended the premiere of her ‘Eras Tour’ movie at The Grove’s AMC Theatres. As she greeted prominent celebrities, Swift left her mark on the Hollywood industry. But once the event was over, she returned to her cheerleading persona.

Can you figure out the connection between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce based on his red shirt, according to football fans?

At the game between the Chiefs and the Broncos, Taylor Swift showed up. Shortly after, Portnoy posted on his Twitter to welcome her. He shared a sincere message and a video of Taylor Swift’s arrival. “She’s here!!!” he exclaimed. The video featured Swift arriving at the stadium. As Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce keep the NFL fans on edge, Portnoy has been keeping them entertained with his lively opinions. After all, the NFL seems to be all about “red” these days.

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As Taylor Swift continues to show support for her favorite NFL player Travis Kelce, Dave Portnoy reaffirms his belief by repeating a mantra.