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Taylor Swift explained in her documentary ‘Miss Americana’ (2020) why she made the decision to address her struggles with body image, stating “How Unhealthy That’s Been”.

Taylor Swift has captivated music enthusiasts worldwide with her creative albums that center on storytelling. The American pop artist has undeniably reigned over the industry for more than ten years, earning a dedicated following known as the Swifties. Despite her success, Swift’s journey to becoming a pop star has been filled with challenges.

The Netflix film Miss Americana

The 2020 film chronicled the 33-year-old’s rise to fame as a worldwide music icon. In the documentary, the popular singer discussed her battles with an eating disorder.

in a recent interview

In a recent interview, Taylor Swift discussed her struggles with body image.

The Miss Americana documentary captured various facets of the singer’s life and touched upon Swift’s relationship with food. Speaking candidly about starving herself, Swift said, “

I often have a strong reaction to certain things, such as seeing a photo of myself where I feel my stomach looks too large, or someone commenting that I look pregnant. This can lead me to restrict my food intake and stop eating.

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The singer, who won a Grammy award, acknowledged that she was not proud of her extreme actions and gradually adopted a more positive perspective towards her body.

There is always a certain standard of beauty that you may not be meeting.

Taylor acknowledges in her documentary. Afterward, the lyricist had a conversation with Variety

She revealed the reasons behind her decision to speak out about her struggle with an eating disorder.

I didn’t know if I was going to feel comfortable with talking about body image and talking about the stuff I’ve gone through in terms of how unhealthy that’s been for me — my relationship with food and all that over the years,

“Swift shared in a discussion with”Variety in 2020

The documentary curator was praised for capturing the essence of the film by the director. However, Swift’s influence has also sparked a fitness craze in the past.


The popular singer Madonna has influenced a trend in fitness.

Music and fitness go hand in hand. Listening to vibrant music can enhance spirits while shedding calories at the gym or running on the field. So, in 2022, a Taylor Swift fan and popular TikToker, Allie Bennett, came up with an innovative workout routine, Treadmill Strut, which soon went viral.

During the workout, Bennett begins by walking on the treadmill at a leisurely pace while listening to a Taylor Swift song. She then gradually increases her speed when the next song in the playlist begins. The songs in the playlist are strategically arranged to gradually increase in frequency, allowing for a gradual intensification of the workout.

Being in the spotlight has both advantages and disadvantages, and Swift’s struggles with body image fall into the negative category. However, the singer has successfully overcome this issue and brings high levels of energy to her performances. What is your opinion on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Taylor Swift recently discussed her decision to address her struggles with body image in the documentary ‘Miss Americana’ (2020), stating “How Unhealthy That’s Been”. This post was originally shared on EssentiallySports.