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Simone Biles’ support for a young gymnast who experienced racism has brought comfort to the victim’s family. They are grateful for her allyship.

Last year, a shocking incident of discrimination occurred in the realm of gymnastics, causing widespread shock. Despite receiving a complaint from parents, the sports organization did not take significant action until August of this year. Recently, a video was released showing an official at an international event last year ignoring a young gymnast while distributing awards. The incident gained attention on the internet, leading to outraged critics calling for the gymnastics organization to take decisive measures.

The renowned American athlete Simone Biles made a daring statement prior to competing on the international stage. After a long wait, the committee responsible for her delay finally responded. With her strong leadership both on and off the mat, how did the Olympic gold medalist console the injured party?

Simone Biles consoles gymnast who was denied a medal in gymnastics.

In March 2022, at the GymStart competition in Dublin, novice gymnasts were awarded participation medals. However, a young black girl did not receive one while on the podium. Her family believes this was due to racism and has chosen not to disclose their identity to avoid further racial harassment. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles spoke out about the incident, urging the Irish gymnastics staff to issue a public apology. The young girl also expressed her gratitude for Simone’s support during this difficult time, stating that she is the best gymnast and she was glad to have her on her side.

Simone Biles

After a widespread outcry, the advocacy organization “Sport Against Racism Ireland” addressed the situation of the family. The organization then referred the matter to civil rights activist Professor Harry Edwards, who reached out to acclaimed gymnast Simone Biles. Biles expressed her solidarity and stated that the family should be acknowledged, in a video recording. She stated, “I saw how you were treated at your GymStart event recently, and I was appalled. I want you to know that you deserve recognition just like the other girls.”

The girl, who is young, expressed that the video was a powerful moment for her. Despite the apology from Ireland, her mother was still upset and focused on the difficult time. The apology from the public came after 18 months, but only because of pressure from others. The mother felt that there was no compassion shown. She also mentioned that she cried for a long time, along with millions of others who saw the video. She even called the apology “almost pointless,” when speaking to the BCC. How did the sports organization react to the accusations of racism?

Gymnastics Ireland issued an apology to the family of the gymnast.

In March 2022, Gymnastics Ireland made a public announcement stating that they had received a complaint about discriminatory conduct from parents. The statement was later updated in August 2023 to report that an agreement had been reached between both parties. Following the widespread attention on the incident, the officials involved expressed remorse for what they admitted was a mistake.

Gymnastics Ireland has announced that the child who was affected was given her medal after the ceremony, along with a written apology from the responsible official. On September 25th, the organization expressed sincere remorse and acknowledged the need for further action to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. They also strongly denounced all forms of racism.

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Simone Biles, the reigning queen of gymnastics, remains a steadfast supporter of new athletes in her sport, fostering a welcoming atmosphere and wishing success for all who join.

Observe this account with cautiousness as the Paris Olympics approach, as Simone Biles continues her journey following an incredible comeback.

Simone Biles’ expression of shock in response to a young gymnast’s experience with racism has brought some comfort to the victim’s family. They feel supported by her actions. This was reported by EssentiallySports.