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Shakira stands up for herself after receiving criticism for her diss track towards her ex-partner Gerard Pique, declaring “I am a woman, a wounded wolf.”

Shakira, the popular singer from Colombia, has consistently utilized music as a strong means to express her feelings. Presently, she is using it to cope with the pain and disappointment she felt following her split from Gerard Pique. Through her music, she has revealed the truths of her relationship with the ex-Spanish defender and how she was mistreated by his family. In a recent instance, the 46-year-old stood up for herself by explaining the reasoning behind her harsh lyrics towards Pique.

The artist known as ‘She Wolf’ is bravely opening up about her experiences to the public. Shakira explains that she was devastated and hurt by the actions of her long-term partner. The recipient of twelve Latin Grammy Awards confidently disregards any negative opinions. Let’s delve further to learn Shakira’s perspective on using music as her primary form of expression.

Shakira had her motives for singling out Gerard Pique.

Shakira is experiencing success in her career following her breakup with Pique. The singer from Barranquilla recently participated in Billboard’s Latin Music Week and had an open discussion with fans about how she has channeled her pain into something beneficial. She states that she is currently in a “professional honeymoon” period and is fully focused on her music.

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Shakira took the stage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey for the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards VMA s. This event was covered exclusively by PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxONLY and photographed by JOHNxANGELILLO.

Later on in the discussion, Shakira explained how music played a role in helping her move past her heartbreak.The Colombian said, “.

I was amazed by the idea that I could use very sour lemons to create a refreshing lemonade..” Her

The musical collaboration “Music Sessions, Vol. 53” with Argentine DJ Bizarrap was a huge hit. Released in January 2023, the song reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart and set four Guinness records. However, it also sparked controversy for its obvious references to Pique.

Shakira was requested to alter the lyrics, but she declined to make any revisions.

The singer of “Whenever, Wherever” stated, “

I was instructed to modify the lyrics that were deemed inappropriate, but I responded that I am not a diplomatic representative for the United Nations. Instead, I am a woman who has been hurt and feels like a wounded animal.

Shakira stated that she has a lot she wishes to express through her music, but she will wait for the appropriate moment to do so. Currently, her focus is solely on her career.

The individual from Colombia is fully dedicated to their profession.

Shakira credits her heartbreak for improving her music. The renowned singer shared that she feels incredibly inspired and driven to create music, and finds composing and performing to be therapeutic. In addition, music served as a source of healing from recent difficult events. As a mother of two sons, she also disclosed that her relocation to Miami has greatly influenced her career. This move allowed her to reconnect with friends in Miami, something that was not feasible in Barcelona.

After receiving a legal penalty of $6,360,000, Gerard Pique dropped the charges against a journalist just hours later for Shakira.

While in Barcelona, Shakira believed that her thoughts were not being acknowledged and her goals were not being achieved. The musician is now anticipating a successful outcome at the upcoming Latin Grammy Awards ceremony on November 16 in Spain. She has been nominated in seven categories and her supporters are hopeful that she will win the majority of them. What are your opinions on Shakira’s statement? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Shakira recently faced criticism for her song “I Am a Woman, a Wounded Wolf” which seemingly takes aim at her ex-partner Gerard Pique. In response, she defended herself and her music in a post on EssentiallySports.