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Sergio Perez’s controversial tactics used to defend Max Verstappen caused Lando Norris to become extremely angry as he admitted to cursing frequently during the incident.

The 13th race of the season took place in Japan and resulted in another victory for Max Verstappen, securing his team’s sixth constructor’s championship. Verstappen, who started from the pole position, was never in danger of losing the race. However, Lando Norris suggested that he could have added some pressure if it weren’t for Sergio Perez and his questionable tactics. These tactics even caused Norris to unleash an explicit rant during the race.

During the first half of the race, Perez encountered multiple collisions with other drivers on the grid, causing him to drive slowly under the virtual safety car (VSC). Although he eventually had to retire his car, Perez’s slow crawl during the VSC posed a threat to Norris. This resulted in Norris losing valuable time and nearly ending his race. In a post-race interview, Norris expressed his frustration with the confusing situation caused by Perez’s actions.

“I was uncertain whether he was experiencing an issue or simply supporting me,” Norris disclosed. “Without knowing for sure, I couldn’t risk overtaking him. He was moving at a slow pace and then suddenly shifted into first gear when the VSC ended. I was on the outside of him due to his slow speed and he nearly collided with me.”

Norris went on to share his response to Perez’s actions. “I was yelling inside my helmet and using some strong language. I was incredibly perplexed about what I could do. I was losing time to Max and the Ferrari team was only 1.4 seconds behind after being 12 or 13 seconds back, so I lost 10 seconds,” he elaborated.


Max Verstappen is showing a strong comeback and poses a threat to Lando Norris and other competitors after suffering a bitter defeat that has ignited a desire for revenge.

Perez, whether intentionally or unintentionally, served as the ideal teammate by taking advantage of the ten seconds he had and preventing Norris from applying pressure on Verstappen. This effectively eliminated any chance for Norris to catch up.

Nevertheless, it is not the apocalypse and there are still six races remaining. During these six races, Norris intends to utilize his upgraded McLaren to create challenges for Verstappen.

Lando Norris and his team have unveiled their strategy to defeat Max Verstappen and finally secure his long-awaited first victory.

Following the British Grand Prix, Norris impressed many, particularly in the Red Bull team. He has now become a key part of their long-term plans. However, Norris and his team are focused on the present. The recent upgrades from McLaren have greatly aided Norris. In order to take advantage of this progress and secure a victory, McLaren is still in need of a few more upgrades. These upgrades are expected to be introduced before the end of the season, with the goal of helping Norris achieve his first win, according to team principal Andrea Stella.

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen

Lando Norris, representing Great Britain, will be competing for the McLaren F1 Team in the MCL60 car while Max Verstappen, representing the Netherlands, will be racing for Red Bull Racing in the RB19 car during the 2023 Formula 1 Aramco British Grand Prix. This event will take place as the 10th round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship, also known as the WM or Weltmeisterschaft, from July 7 to 9, 2023 at the Silverstone Circuit in Silverstone, United Kingdom. This information was published by xDppi/DPPI/IPAxSportx/xipa-agencyx/xIPAxSportx and is copyrighted under IPA_IPA39126534.

Stella stated that they are actively developing an updated version of this package. They still need to finalize some changes to the bodywork and floor, and once that is done, they can proceed with approval. If everything goes well, they hope to showcase it at one of the upcoming events shortly after the shutdown.

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It is uncertain if the upgrades will be sufficient in defeating the unstoppable Verstappen. However, the next six races will inevitably determine the answer.

Lando Norris was furious when Sergio Perez resorted to questionable tactics in order to protect Max Verstappen, as he openly admitted to using profanity during the incident. The full story can be found on EssentiallySports.